Be a smart shopper with these Shopping Apps


Shopping with Smart Phones and Tablets is becoming popular every day, all thanks to the wonderful shopping apps that are available on the mobile devices. These apps not only let you shop for various things but also help you save a lot of money too. You can use these apps to scan bar codes, redeem vouchers, find lowest prices, and avail many great shopping deals. The following are top 5 shopping apps that help Android an iOS users save money when shopping.

Google Shopper
– This is a free app for iPhone and Android users. It is best for people who like to bargain on the price and compare before buying a product. This app helps users find information on millions of products. Product is recognized through cover art, text search or voice search and barcode. With bar code scanning users can make a comparison of the costs of groceries or electronics and buy them locally or online where they can get the best deal. Users can find local and online prices of the products they want to buy, read user reviews, specifications of the products etc to help make decision about the purchase. The item can be saved to a shopping list and can be shared with friends. The best feature of this app is “Search by Voice”, users have to just name the thing you want and the app will find it.

– This is a free app, best for people that enjoy browsing deals daily. Every day Groupon brings unbeatable deals for 50-90% off on all kinds of stuff like theatres, spas, stores etc. Groupon collaborates with the businesses locally and provide users daily deals. With this app you can grab the shopping deals daily in many cities. Deals can be tracked by date, location and expiry. Groupon coupons can be shared too.

Yowza– It is a free app for iPhone and Android users especially for coupon addicts. This app provides instant coupons to users based on their city and postal code. You can chose the best offer and visit the store and show your Yowza deal to the cashier and allow him to scan the barcode or type the coupon code and you save money instantly. There are no hassles of clipping, stashing coupons in the purse etc. You can get notifications whenever a store you love adds a coupon and you can share them with your friends on Twitter, Facebook etc. Unfortunately it is currently available only for United States.

FastMall- This is a free app for iPhone users. It is best for those people who do shopping at malls. If you already know your way to your favorite stores at mall in your locality, you can use this app to locate the deal. In case you visit first time to a mall, download the Virtual map to locate the mall, ideal for those who go shopping along with their kids. You can navigate any mall without the requirement of GPS or Wi-Fi. Use this app to find stores, restaurants, restrooms etc in a mall.

Key Ring– This is a free app for Android, iPhone and iPad users. It is great for using loyalty cards. To avail discounts you do not have carry the plastic card everywhere with you. Key Ring lets you store the info on your phone. All you need to do is click a picture of your ID number or enter it and flash your phone to save it. You can all your loyalty cards. It supports online coupon codes, you can share cards with family members, join reward programs etc.

The next time you go for shopping make sure you use these apps and save a lot of money.