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Normally, website leads our imagination to the design and development, its beauty and the way it was presented. The other most important factor which should be considered is the Hosting server, where all the files and information of a particular website are stored. These hosting servers are consisted of heavy processing power capable CPUs and bulky storage systems. In short, hosting servers are the home of websites where all data related to website are kept to serve whenever anyone visits the website.


There are two important factors which must be considered before choosing hosting plans for your websites – traffic and bandwidth. These two factors would affect the performance of your website. There are three main types of hosting plans for all websites running on internet. –


Abdicar VPS and Dedicated Servers


Shared Hosting – the most common and widely used hosting plans suitable for the small websites which generating relatively low amount of traffic and are used lower bandwidth. These are the cheapest hosting plans too which attract the most of the customers easily.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) – in this hosting plan you will be given your own hosting space with RAM but under the Shared Processing Capacity. This suits for the websites which are growing consistently and using more bandwidth and getting more traffic.

Dedicated Servers – this is the most expensive hosting solution which gives you total freedom to control the resources for your website. This hosting option is suitable for the big websites which are getting huge traffic and uses maximum bandwidth.

Now consider the better option for your website from the above options depends upon the growth of your website. If you have good potential to take your website to the higher level in terms of traffic and bandwidth use then you must go with the cheapest VPS hosting plan from the abdicar.com. You are free to choose from exciting plans which worth your single penny.

Starting package of the VPS plan is only $8 per month whereas for dedicated server you have to spend only $12 per month. Moreover, it provides vide range for plans from lower as $12 to highest $300 per month, so you’ll get more options to choose the best plans for your website need.

You’ll get a chance to be the part of Hosting Affiliate Program with a commission rate of 10% / per order / per month / lifetime. Plus as promotional offer you will get $50 as bonus after free signing up to abdicar’s hosting affiliate program. Full root access, 24/7 Customer Support, Free OS reinstall, Sophisticated Server Backup, Powerful and efficient hosting solutions are some silent features for abdicar Hosting plans.

Abdicar is not a reseller hosting provider but a big name in the hosting industries; it is famous for its world class sophisticated services to its customers and cheapest VPS and Dedicated Servers which are suitable for any websites on the internet including the biggies.

If you’re in search of reliable VPS or Dedicated Server hosting provider for your website to run smoothly without hassle to any hosting related problem then you must go with the Abdicar’s VPS and Dedicated Server hosting plans. You would receive the pure satisfaction and the trust from the world class hosting service provider.