Five Amazon Services that Help Save Money and Time


The name Amazon needs no introduction to the internet savvy. The web portal boasts of more pages than one can keep a count for. Among its long list of popular features, lie a few which have gone rather unnoticed but are no less when it comes to utility. Here is a sneak peek into five features that can save you time, money, or both.


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The Amazon Locker

Apart from the various advantages, one major con of ordering home delivery is that one has to keep track of the package in order to receive it. Keeping this scenario in mind, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Locker, which allows one to have the consignment delivered to a local locker to be picked up later. In case an Amazon Locker is not available nearby, FedEx and UPS offer options which allow the deliveries to be sent to a FedEx Kinkos or UPS Store location. The major advantage is that deliveries are guaranteed earlier than usual and one always has the option of collecting the package as per convenience.


Amazon Prime Sharing

One of the lesser known yet fantastic feature, Amazon Prime offers a free two-day and discounted overnight shipping to members. Through this feature, one can add up to four other people with whom the shipping discounts can be shared. Although the options are limited to family or romantic partners, there happen to be loopholes which can be taken advantage of!


Add-on Items

More often than not, ordering online turns out to be a challenge. There are situations where you may need items available on the portal but are unable to do so due to the cost efficiency part coming in. The Add-On Items feature proves to be a boon in such a situation. Through this feature, a user is able to add-on individual items to the shopping cart and hence deals with the cost part. Prime members are entitled to the privilege of add-on items if they order $25 worth of them.


Amazon Upgrade

For the avid readers, this feature is bound to be a favourite. This option enables users to upgrade their physical copies of the e books into digital editions as and when they are available at discounted prices. Although this option isn’t applicable for every book, but it definitely adds up to the interest of those who may ask!


Subscribe and Save

By far one of the most useful features in the list, the Subscribe and Save is the option which is sure to be opted by many. What makes it a handy service is its privilege of delivering a list of pre-determined items at regular intervals that too with attractive discounts up to 15%! Signing up and opting out of the service can be done by the mere click of a button, hence adding it the list of the under rated features at Amazon.


The above mentioned features are a few among the never ending list from Amazon. Through its solid market base and powerful technical backing, the company has continued to present the best possible amenities to its users. remains to be a giant in its domain and a pioneer in its own right when it comes to its segment containing the features.


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