7 ways of remaining calm when you are fired


Companies can brush the fancy term of downsizing, re-engineering or consolidation when they are firing their employees. Whatever is their reason, the truth is you are out of work and getting laid off hurts badly emotionally and financially. Suffering job loss can be very painful as you will feel discarded, embarrassed and rejected. Your future will suddenly seem scary and full of uncertainty. You will feel betrayed to be let go when you have been working so dutifully for your company and have been loyal right from the day joined the company.

So if you are fired, then you can stay on track and safeguard your well being by following the tips below:

Do not panic


It is natural and normal to grieve when you are losing your job, but you must be able to cope up with it and spring back from it. Do not dwell on the worst case scenario, instead just be confident and tell yourself that you are going to survive this you will focus on the solution to your job loss.

But you can and are allowed to feel upset to some extent as it is natural and it will help you get out of it soon. If it gets too much, then you must seek professional help. Talk to you friends or family especially your spouse, hear their perspective for getting some relief. This will help you get on with it.

Seek help

I understand...
I understand…

Losing a job is a big thing, even when you are financially sound. Do not try to go it alone. You must seek help after a job loss. This can be from your loved ones or professional help. Usually job loss can lead to terrible fights between partners. To avoid this, talk honestly and set your goals together about coping with the loss. Your partner will also be your emotional support during hard time, she/he will be your best pillar of support. At the start you might be afraid or ashamed to share the news of your job loss and you might not want to share this news. But you have to be openly communicative and try not to hide things to avoid problems in the coming days. After telling your family you can tell your friends who will stand by you during the troubles times. If you are still not able to cope up with the job loss and are too worried, then seek professional help from a psychiatrist who will help you with the coping mechanism.

Think about a fresh start


Do not mourn over your loss forever, just get it over with and start fresh with a new office, new job. You must be open to new kinds of work. If you have lost one job, you will harm your chance of finding employment if you are only planning to seek the exact kind of work again or the same pay. It will take a long time and you will drain your finances and you will be more frustrated without a job. Consider working for smaller firms, and do not be ashamed to work at a smaller role than you had previously worked at. No job lasts forever so do the one you have at hand, especially if money is too tight. A lot of districts provide placement assistance, severance packages and job retraining. Just ensure that you are aware of all your job benefits.

Live within your means


Until you have a new job, you must survive with the savings from your previous job. So be careful not to spend money you do not have on things you do not require really. Just focus on the basic necessities like food, shelter and your job search. you must keep a check on your finances and see where you can cut back. However, it does not mean that you have to cut back on all the forms of recreation from your life during the period you do not have a job as these will help you keep a positive spirit and outlook.  Do low priced things such as movies or free walks or bike rides.

Use credit cards carefully


You have to use your cash carefully and credit cards even more carefully when you do not have a job. Credit cards can keep you in denial about your true financial situations. But this will only accumulate your debt and increase your stress levels which you need the least at times like these. During job loss you must contact all your creditors and talk with them about plans which are temporarily reducing your payments till you get another job. Money lenders will definitely cooperate with you as they will not like missed payments.

Do not lose your self esteem


You have only lost a job not your life so hold yourself up. There is no need to lose your self esteem. All sorts of workers from all industries lose their jobs and for all kinds of reasons and you are not an exception and it has not happened for the first time on the planet to you.  So, if you are fired from your job not because you made some mistake during it, then no need to accuse yourself for it. Just move on with it and learn from it, do not stay in the past and do not beat yourself up unnecessarily. Use the time as a good opportunity to start searching for a new job.

Build your network


When you have calmed your emotions and devised a plan of action, it is time you let people knowing you are in search of a job. Even if you are an introvert or want to do things by yourself, the fact is that networking will help you get a new job which you will otherwise feel very hard to get. Make your situation well known, develop connections, and you will soon find a job. Send an email to your former  bosses and co-workers, tell them about your lay off and ask them help you find a new job. Informing them will help you find new job opportunities.