6 Innovative Home Automation Devices


When it comes to homes in the 21st century, there’s one word that should define what everyone is trying to achieve. And that word is automation! Our modern homes are becoming more and more automated every day. From smart devices in every single room, our homes are becoming more intelligent than ever before.

And there are some awesome products on the market right now that you should know about in this industry. Keep reading to learn more about six of the most innovative home automation devices that you can add to your collection!

  1. Com Smart Home Security

When you add this smart home security device into your house, you’re going to be turning your smartphone into the remote for your house. From a simple app, you’ll be able to control the thermostat, the lights, the garage door, the locks, and so much more. You can even set up security cameras around the home and watch what’s happening all from the comfort of your own smartphone!

This device is definitely going to make your life a whole lot easier when you go away from your home for extended periods of time and need to ensure things are fine with the house. The Smart Future explained many times over that this is going to be the future of our homes.

  1. Withings Home

Next up, we have a device that’s going to allow you to always keep an eye on your house. You simply set up an HD video camera and you’ll be able to check up on any area of the house you want to. You’ll have access to the video stream right from your smart phone, so it’s available anytime and anywhere! In addition to that, Withings Home will send you notifications if it senses motion or audio anytime when you’re not at home. This could be a lifesaver in the case of a burglary or fire.

  1. Egeetouch Smart Locks

The next item on our list is a smart lock that uses NFC technology to lock and unlock. Basically, this spells the end to creating combinations for locks and then forgetting them later on. You simply need to swipe your phone on the lock and it will unlock! How great does that sound? These locks can be placed on anything from your home to your locker door to your suitcase.

  1. Pulse by Sengled

Pulse is a fantastic smart bulb with a Bluetooth speaker and the ability to dim to whichever light setting you prefer. With any smartphone, you will be able to control the level of light and the volume of the speaker whenever and wherever you would like. For example, you could be sitting down on the couch and not want to get up to dim the lights. However, you would just be able to pick up your smartphone and adjust the settings, right from the couch!

  1. Wally Home

Next up, we have a pretty cool safety device that’s made specially to prevent unnecessary incidents from happening in your house. Basically, with Wally Home, there are various sensors placed around the home that are pretty unnoticeable. All of these sensors have the possibility of detecting leaks of water, humidity changes, and any weird temperature changes. You’ll even get the notification of these issues right to your smart phone!

  1. Fibaro Motion Sensor

This one might look a little weird to you and there’s a good reason for that! It’s designed to look like a human eye with a similar purpose. This device includes a temperature sensor, light sensor, and a motion sensor. A cool thing about this innovative machine is that it will change color based on the temperature of the room it finds itself in!

And there you have it! These are some of the most innovative home automation devices you can find on the market today. Which one are you going to try out?