Five Smart Gadgets for Your Air Conditioner


The time of the smart house is upon us. More and more of our electronics and gadgets around our homes are becoming automated to make household chores and tasks easier. Plus, we’re able to keep an eye on things at home when we’re away. Who knew we would get to the age of the smart home so quickly?

Well, if you’re looking to make your air conditioner a bit more intelligent, this article is the one for you! Below, we’ve collected some of the top smart gadgets that you can use for your air conditioner. Read down below to learn more and see which ones you’d like to try.

  1. Monolyth

The first item on our list is an Internet-connected device, who’s primary aim is to make your air conditioner smarter. The main advantage of this device is its unique ability to optimize the temperature of your air conditioner and save you money on your monthly electricity bills, which we know can get pretty high. With Monolyth, you will be able to control your air conditioner from any location in the world. So, if you go on a trip abroad and forget if you turned off your air conditioner or not, you can just log into the app on your smartphone and control your AC from there. Plus, the more you use this device, the more intelligent it gets over time.

  1. LittleBits Smart Home Kit

With this kit, you’re going to be able to make your own smart devices right out of the box. It’s perfect for those of you who are a bit more DIY than others because you can make any window air conditioning unit into a smart device with a little bit of time and effort. Everything that you need comes right in the kit! You will be able to control your device remotely when you finish this DIY project of yours.

  1. Sensibo

This device is going to turn any air conditioning unit and make it into a money-saving machine. Sensibo is going to connect your AC to the Internet and enable it to be controlled by a simple device. When your air conditioner turns smart with Sensibo, it will automatically turn off whenever you leave the room and optimize to your personal preferences. Plus, it always has in mind how it can save you some extra money every month.

  1. SmartAC

Your plug-in air conditioner is going to be super smart after you start using SmartAC. You will be able to tell it what your required temperature is and then the AC will continuously monitor the temperature in the room to determine whether or not to turn on. You’ll be able to create your own schedule to determine when the AC needs to work hard and when it can relax. How cool does that sound?

  1. Ambi Climate

The last item on our list is much like the others, in that you will be able to control your air conditioning unit from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own smartphone. Because of the smart technology included, Ambi Climate will be able to learn your habits and fix the temperature and other settings accordingly. It will learn as you use the device more and more, making yourlife easier and easier.

Which one of these smart gadgets are you going to try out? Each of them is fantastic to save you money on your monthly electricity bills, keep your home nice and cool, and helping you save energy to help the environment. The future of the home is smart, so you had better get on-board before you’re behind!