Top 10 Credit Card Machines For Your Business


‘Plastic Money’ is a term familiar to all of us today, as credit and debit cards are now integral part of our wallets. These cards allows you to make transactions anywhere and at anytime. Their biggest advantage is that we no longer have to carry cash.

In 1995, only 10% of Americans uses credit or debit cards. Today number of Americans that are using these cards is over 60%. You can use them to buy anything from tiny little mobile to furnished house.

If used carefully these cards are a great way to mange and protect your spending,  as they let you keep track of your spending habits.

To use credit and debit cards POS (point of sale) devices were invented. You swipe or insert your card into these POS devices followed by your pin entry, automatically funds are transferred from your account to merchant account. It’s modern form of doing transactions with convenience.

Traditionally POS devices uses wired media for connectivity but now wireless POS terminals are also available. Main advantage of POS terminals like wireless credit and debit machine is the way it generates your transaction records, it does so by maintaining zero error rate.

Merchant Account Solutions provides wide range of wired and wireless credit and debit machines that work hard in place of you, so you can focus on your core business activities without worrying about cash record.

  1. Pax S80 Terminal

Pax S80 terminal is a stylish, light weight POS terminal designed to carry out fast  transactions while maintaining high standards of reliability and security.

  • It’s PCI PTS 3.x certified which makes it one of the most secure POS terminal available in market.
  • Supports all electronic payment methods like EMV, Magstrip and Contactless / NFC.
  • Communication option available are Ethernet and Landline.
  • Shipped with high speed 32-bit ARM11 processor with 192MB of memory to ensure fast performance.
  1. Pax SP30 Pin Pad

Pax SP30 Pin Pad is solution designed to let the customer not loose there cards or pin to retailers. It can be used in conjunction with ECR or POS terminals like Pax S80.

  • It’s PCI PTS 2.1 certified making it a safe device to carry out transactions.
  • Accepts payment from EMV, Magstrip and NFC payments.
  • Comes with 32-bit MIPS processor and 16MB memory.
  1. Ingenico ICT 220 Terminal

If you are looking for device that lets you do quick transactions with no question asked then Ingenico ICT 220 is the answer. It’s small size makes it merchant’s one of the favorite POS device that require minimum countertop space yet delivers all features.

  • To make it security compliance Ingenico ICT 220 is PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED and Open protocol modules.
  • Supports EMV Chip & PIN, magstripe mode of payment.
  • Works on proven reliable embedded operating system ‘Telium 2’. Telium 2 is deployed in 27 million Ingenico terminals worldwide.
  • high speed modem and Ethernet connection.
  1. Ingenico IPP220 Pin Pad

Ingenico IPP220 is a consumer facing pin pad device that can be used with other popular POS terminals like Ingenico ICT 220. It’s light weight and small size make it best to place on your compact counter top.

  • PCI PTS 3.x compliance
  • Supports EMV, magstripe, PIN and NFC
  • Can be used with ECR, POS or computer
  • Delivers high processing speeds
  1. Verifone VX520 Terminal

Verifone VX520 is designed to give robust performance to cater complex retailing demands. It’s capable of carrying out more transactions during rush hours allowing fast check out while maintaining better credit rating of merchant account. Apps support for loyalty programs and gift cards make it unique among all POS terminals.

  • PCI PTS 3.x approved.
  • Payment Mode – EMV, NFC/CTLS and MSR.
  • Dial up and Ethernet connectivity.
  • ARM11 32-bit RISC processor with 160MB of RAM.
  1. Verifone 805 Pin Pad

Verifone 805 Pin Pad is a device that can be used by merchants who wants lightning fast response.

  • PCI PTS 3.x approved ; ‘VeriShield Total Protect’ for end-to-end encryption.
  • Accept payments from EMV , NFC/CTLS and MSR
  • Ethernet and RS-232 connectivity
  • ARM11 32-bit RISC processor with 160 MB memory
  1. Poynt

Poynt is to POS terminal industry, just like smart phones are to mobile phone industry. It’s world’s first smart payment terminal designed to run your business in an integrated manner. Poynt is all-in-one device that can be used either with cash register or independently.

  • Dual touch screen, 7” facing towards the merchant and 4.3” inch towards the customer
  • Dedicated processor to provide security. Support Point-to-Point Encryption
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • MSR/EMV Hybrid Reader
  • Camera, speakers, supports 3rd part apps


Wireless Terminals

Merchant Account Solutions also provides a wide variety of wireless POS terminals, which you can use anywhere and at any time. These wireless POS terminals lets your transactions go online without need of any connection line.

  1. PAX S90

PAX S90 is ready to use POS terminal designed for merchants on the move. All you need for PAX S90 to work is either a GPRS or 3G (WCDMA) connection. It has long lasting Li-ion battery making it one of most popular mobile POS terminal among merchants.

  • PCI PTS 3.x approved. Support encryption standards like DUKPT, Master/Session and 3DES.
  • Accepts EMV, Magstrip and Contactless payments.
  • High speed 32-bit ARM11 processor with 192 MB memory.
  • USB connectivity.


  1. Ingenico iWL250

Ingenico iWL250 brings the concept of mobile transaction to reality. It’s world’s smallest and lightest POS terminal that can fit in any merchants pocket.

  • PCI-PTS x and 3.x certified.
  • Offers EMV Chip & PIN, MagStripe and Contactless payments.
  • Provides multiple wireless connectivity options – GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth Class 1 & Wi-Fi.
  • Provides long lasting battery timing.
  • Runs on Ingenico reliable ‘Telium 2’ Operating system.
  1. Verifone VX680

Verifone VX680 portable device is complete out of the box solution to meet today’s ever growing demands of merchants. It’s the fastest wireless POS terminal available in the market. It has large touch screen display yet overall size of device is shirked to give better mobility experience.

  • PCI PTS 3.x approved
  • Accepts payments in EMV, NFC/CTLS and MSR
  • Connectivity options – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 2G
  • ARM11 32-bit processor and 192 MB memory