5 Tips for Blogging on a Busy Schedule


For anyone who has tried to conquer the art of blogging, knows that how difficult it is to manage time for blogging. It takes hours out of our days and days out of our week. It needs some inspiration, motivation and creativity. But consistency is the key here with a proper schedule and a system that works for an individual. I have learned a lot about some balanced schedule over the past. I usually work about 60-80 hours a week. So I always try to follow an organized schedule for blogging, and to balance all my important work.


Tips for Blogging on a Busy Schedule

Here are some tips for you who can help you to blog in an efficient and most importantly in an organized way even in a busy schedule.



1) Creating consistency among topics

If you post some consistent topic, it can give you clarity of what a blogging week will look like. You should know what your strongest types of post are which can give you some fare idea to write on a consistent basis. So what you need to do first is to choose some topic in which you are most comfortable to write. Staying within a few topics help you immensely to focus and grow in specific strengths. It will also help you attract some consistent readers who know that they can count on you to continue posting about the topics that they love and started following. It does not mean that you have to write on few topics only but doing so can help you being consistent and attract a handful numbers of readers fond of those topics.


2) Creating a Schedule

Creating a schedule can help you to stay stress free while blogging. It allows you to see the bigger picture which allows you to choose the area which needs more time and effort. My goal is to write six or seven times a week, which can seem like a lot if you are a beginner but if you break it down into schedule it seems to be less and accessible.
If you prepare a schedule ahead of time, it gives you an idea to publish each post. It also gives you some new ideas for the week ahead.


3) Choose some specific time to blog

I prefer to write on Mondays. So Monday is my Blog day. I try to spend Sunday gathering some idea and making a supply list. It helps me immensely to be prepared for the next day so that I don’t have to waste the next day morning for new ideas. According to the supply list I try to develop on those ideas and then I work on the contents. Finding a morning or an afternoon or even a full day to dedicate to make blog post can make you feel less stressed and it can also help you to think more positively for the week ahead.


4) Creating a distraction free atmosphere

Well we cannot deny the fact that we waste a hell lot of time on social networking sites which is one of the major distractions when it comes to blogging. So creating a distraction free atmosphere is very important. What I suggest is to keep aside all the major distractions when you sit to write for your blog. Remove all the media distractions, unplug the wi-fi until you feel ready to write your post, put your phone in the other room and don’t forget to turn your television off. If you don’t like to work in silence then create an inspirational playlist which soothes your mind and help you to relax.


5) Creating Balance

Creating a balance is very important in a busy schedule. You don’t need to work 24X7. You also need to give time to your family and friends as well. I make sure to finish my work before the deadlines which help me not to stress. If you are more inclined to choose play over work, dedicate one – two nights on the blogs and try to relax rest of the days with friends.
You again need not to worry if you can’t manage to write as much as you hoped in a week. It’s okay. Don’t stress. Try to work harder next time. We all have had that one week when we feel that we have slacked off or got too busy. You probably just need a break then. That is also okay. It’s a good thing. When you feel to have some extra sleep or three late nights instead of one, just do it. You need to take care of your health too. Blogging should be something that you love not something that pushes you to grow. So maintaining a balance in between your work and leisure is very important. It helps you to write efficiently and effectively.