Seven Tips Which Will Make People Addicted to Your Blog


One of the most important things to keep your visitors engaged with your blog is to attract them to ream more posts from your blog. You always might have this question inside your head that what does these popular blogs do to retain their blog visitors. The answer is very simple. What they do is simply make sure that their blog is interesting enough for their visitors. If you have a blog and badly want to attract more and more visitors then you should try these steps. Here are 7 things that will surely make people addicted to your blog:



1. Titles of your blog posts

No matter how people reach your blog, they will hardly show their interest in reading your post unless they find some good titles in your blog sidebar. The way you write the titles for your blog posts should attract your readers to read it. Remember that only good headlines can make your readers read the post. So every time you post something new, try to find some catchy titles for your post to attract readers.

Titles of your blog posts


2. Cool design

People always look for a comfortable place to read online. Whether you believe it or not but it still remains a fact that people browse the web for finding information but they may not find your post interesting unless they like your blog design. If you have a good blog design then people will definitely think that this is a cool blog and they must explore more. But if your blog design in not that appealing and instead of having some good content in your blog post, people might not get attracted. So make sure that you have some cool design for your blog.


3. Unique writing

Another important thing for your blog to be successful is how well you write your content. People will simply either like your blog or not based on your writing style. Most of the blogs have a unique writing style which makes their reader enjoy their post. It reflects the personality of the blogger. So if you can reflect your personality through your blog, believe me you will be able to attract some loyal readers in the long run.


4. Good ads organization

No one likes to read a blog with so many ads in it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t put any add in your blog though. It means you have to organize your ads so that it doesn’t disturb your readers. Your ads should be a part of your blog design and it should enhance your blog visual appeal instead of annoying readers.

Good ads organization


5. Videos and graphics

Videos and graphics can enhance the visual appeal and the quality of your blog and make it more interesting and fun. So they have an important role in your blog. People might get bored reading text in your blog. So you need to publish videos every now and then to attract readers. This is a nice way to prevent people from getting bored. You need to associate some good graphics with your texts which makes the readers enthusiastic to read it.


6. More and more tips

As I have said earlier that people browse the web for finding information so they want tips and more tips. If you can provide more and more tips for your blog, it is very certain that you will attract a good number of readers in no time. This will be more appealing towards the readers. Your readers will always try to learn new tips and tricks from you making them visit your blog every now and then.


7. The number of followers

A blog having more numbers of followers is no doubt respected more. That means this blog can attract a huge number of readers or subscribers. People will always think that there must be something special in this blog that is why they subscribe to those blogs. This is how you attract more interest from your readers or followers. By putting the number of your followers, you can attract your readers to follow you blog very easily.

The number of followers

So if you want to make your blog a popular one and make people addicted to your blog, you must try these 7 things.