5 Reasons you need to Switch to Targeted Suggestions in Your Magento Store


2013 was a year of e-commerce. 2014 is going to be no difference. More and more customers prefer online stores rather than classic brick and mortar shops, as well as the usage of mobile devices for shopping is increasing year by year. In these conditions, all merchants pay more attention to selling online.
In order to get your own piece of this huge cake, you need to make your Magento store as user friendly and personalized as you can.


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Personalization wins loyalty. The customer acquisition price is too high; therefore, you need buyers to come back again and again to break even. The first big step to have loyal users is to meet all their personal requirements.


People buy more if they feel care. Customers are more inclined to buy with the help of targeted suggestions, as they feel you’ve spent time on exploring their needs and offering the item and suits them best.
Make your Magento store stand out of the crowd. Recently Magento has become an extremely popular and widely used e-commerce platform due to its great usability. However, this fact only reiterates the necessity of adding extra features to your store. Let targeted suggestions be a cherry on top of your service.
Suggestions build up customers’ confidence. In the situation when one can touch or physically see a product, convincing to purchase gets tricky. On the other hand, additional tips and suggestions allow customers get a personalized experience and feel more trust to an e-merchant.
To understand what a customer needs, you have to know who he or she likes. Special extensions let you gather the most important data about your users with the help of Magento custom registration form and provide them with targeted suggestions – one of the high e-commerce trends in 2014.