Buying And Selling Used Stuff on


Today we live in a world that is dependent on technology, who does not like buying stuff online? The best advantage of shopping online is that you can browse through a wide range of options, set preferences while you are on the hunt. OLX.IN is India’s biggest online classifieds company. The company was originally founded in American. OLXI.IN provides its users to host their classifieds. Say if you are looking for used cars for sale you can just browse in their automobile category.
OLX is now present in more than 106 countries and in 40 different languages providing their services. You can buy and sell almost everything and anything through OLX. Today in the fast paced world we do not have time to waste time going to the market and look around for your needs, now you are just clicks away from the desired product. It turns out to be a brilliant time saver and you can buy stuff without having to lose your precious time and energy.


olx was founded back in 2006 and now it is the largest place in India and worldwide where you have an option to find a wide range of services and products. Among its wide range of services the kind of products those are sold here are services, matrimonial, jobs, products for sale, real estates, vehicles, communities and classes. Selling the products online is a different experience. It is really easy having a user-friendly interface and its completely free. you can just post the item you have for sale attaching some pictures and description and find some reliable customers real quick. Incase you have similar intentions then is the perfect website for you.
The company has come up with various TV campaigns, which explains how it helps people to sell things, which are no longer of use to them. The TV Campaigns showcases people who want to sell their used stuff and how OLX helps them sell it using their computers or the smartphone based app. All the OLX TV commercials are themed with “Yaha Sab Kuch Bikta Hai” (Everything Sells Here). OLX has all their videos uploaded on their YouTube channel, if you want to be updated please stay connected.


A Couple Selling Their Car

The OLX TV commercials are very funny like here in the video below you can see a couple who measures the size of their neighbors newly purchased car and discovers that the neighbors now have a bigger car then theirs, so they plan to sell off their own car. The couple creates a ad on OLX and gets a good offer and sell it to the buyers directly without any hassle.



Husband Sells His Bike

In this OLX TV Commercial below its shown that a wife taunts her husband asking him about the bike ride promises that he made to her. She later tells him to sell the bike on OLX. The Husband Successfully sells it and gets a satisfactory deal. Do check the video below.