Engage Your Readers with 5 Best Blogging Practices


If you write a blog as a hobby or part of your marketing plan, then you need to make sure you always follow best practices to keep your readers from clicking away. Before you post your next blog, whether you write for fun or profit, go through this 5-step checklist of best practices that are a must for engaging copy.


Best Blogging Practices

While there will always be differing opinions when it comes to best practices. If you’re ever in doubt, apply these time-tested direct response marketing techniques to increase your blog’s performance.
Let’s talk about why these rules are a must for your blog…



Write a strong headline

A lot of writers think they have to be clever with their headlines. Most times, it’s better to be direct and concise. Remember, this is your hook. If you don’t immediately highlight the main benefit, the reader may not realize the relevance of your blog before they’re gone for good. For example, it’s better to say “fall dresses 50% off” than “Fall in love with our autumn fashions” because the reader probably cares more about saving money than being flattered.


Inject a conversational tone

If your words are stiff and unemotional, then you can’t expect the reader to have an emotional connection with your work. Applying the “we/you” voice to your work is the easiest way to gauge whether you are having a conversation with your reader. In other words, always explain, “How we help you” in the marketing sense. Don’t forget, your blog is your brand! You should remind the reader of the main benefit of being a loyal reader to your blog.


Aim to go viral

While many people don’t think of blogs the same way they think of Facebook or Twitter, blogs are actually one of the earliest forms of interactive social media. And they are still an effective way to open up the lines of communication with your readers. Encourage you reader to share your blog on all their social media channels. And make sure that your social buttons are always on your blog page so they can choose to follow you wherever you place content.


Include a strong call-to-action

Whether you simply want the reader to “leave a comment below” or buy the product your blog features, always include a next step for your reader to take. If you’re writing a cooking blog, encourage them to try your recipe, post it to Pinterest, and tell their friends to do the same. There should always be a next step – no matter how big or small.


Don’t skip the ‘little things’

We know it’s exciting to post a new article. But don’t let that excitement stop you from spending a few minutes reading through your post one last time. Better yet, get a fresh set of eyes to look it over first. You don’t want to realize a typo or grammar mistake in your headline after 500 people have seen it first. But if you can’t spend five minutes making sure your blog reads well, your reader might not spend more than five minutes on your site. So if you really want to build a loyal following and increase user engagement with your blog, don’t forget to follow these best practices for optimal results.


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