3 POS Systems That Could Take Your Supermarket To the Next Level


A POS system that will help your supermarket move forward should make it more convenient for you to manage the venue, process payments, and keep customers satisfied in general. As such, we recommend that you get a solution that will also control cash flow, streamline operations, track the inventory, employees and customers.

Supermarket-based POS software should also scan and integrate, scale, improve customer service and enable remote reporting. The right system will feature marketing tools to help your business grow.

Consider which payment processor you’ll go with to fully customize your POS system and save money and take the inventory and CRM capabilities your POS of choice offers into account. In this article, we describe 3 POS systems that could take your supermarket to the next level.

1. Loyverse

Loyverse lets you acquire, keep and engage customers, manage your store from mobile devices,manage inventory, generate a higher yield and visualize sales analytics. Sales and building your customer base become quick and easy. You can send messages and e-receipts to your customers and gather valuable feedback.

Smart Management

With Loyverse, you can manage one or more stores from the same account because it is cloud-based and your analytics are uploaded to the cloud. It is a system that can boost sales. With it, you can grow and prosper. You will retain customers and run your own loyalty program. Visual analytical reports will make taking informed business decisions easier.

Robust Back Office

The back office works in sync with the POS system. You can look at your transactions and see what your top-selling items are. You can view revenue, profit and average sales and follow sales growth, making comparisons to previous days, weeks, even months and years. The free dashboard app offers instant access to your supermarket’s stock and sales analytics anytime, anywhere.

You will also see which items are selling well, averagely, or selling poorly.

View Stock Levels

This is an innovative, full-featured POS system that is aimed at offering you peace of mind and letting you grow your business in comfort. An example of this is that users of this POS system receive instant notifications when inventory is running low or out. You should definitely consider getting it if such are the things you are looking for in your supermarket point of sale system.

In addition to flexibility, this system is designed to offer ease of use, enhanced reliability, and speedy transactions. This solution has many features to offer, ranging from loyalty programs, accounting, and analytics to inventory management.

2. NetSuite

Netsuite enables supermarkets to configure the application as needed. Supermarket managers can add new channels, brands, geographies, business models, and more. The software provides real-time insights into customer behavior, sales and other financial information, inventory, and more.

The order management system features an activity dashboard that provides weekly or monthly sales reports for store managers and stock managers.

NetSuite can modify and add new capabilities into the system in case your convenience store grows and expands. Find out more about NetSuite

Add Regions, Channels And Brands

NetSuite’s POS system boasts advanced reporting functionality. For it to work best, the respective implementation must be carried out. In addition, the upfront work must be scoped out.

NetSuite provides real-time insight to help increase your earnings in a myriad of ways. For example, it can transform your supermarket with a real, single commerce platform. This may include a call center, an online platform, or in-store platform.

Your customers can avail themselves of a complete shopping experience that is tailored to their individual needs.

You can increase profit by providing your sales associates with the info and tools needed to assist and engage customers. Moreover, you can offer a greater variety of product choices and more convenience with a practically endless variety of goods.

3. IT Retail

This system is affordable, easy to use, and features reliable customer support. Its affordability does not come at the expense of functions – this solution has all the supermarket functionality you need. For instance, it features electronic coupons, raw SQL data access, support for eWIC payments, multi-store management, ROS exits, BR data integration, and powerful inventory tools.

Here are some other features and capabilities that make ITRetail desirable among supermarket owners:

Diverse Inventory Manager

The inventory manager is one of this system’s biggest benefits. To begin with, the inventory manager is diverse enough to handle the myriad of items you have in stock. There is a multitude of tools to make inventory management accurate and easy at all times. Moreover, the system is capable of organizing the items with low inventory thresholds on a printable report.

You can sort these items or have them sorted by the vendor so as to make ordering easier. This way you won’t run out of goods.

Regular Updates

Your customers will feel better knowing that their card information is safe and secure with you. The company offers regular software updates to combat emerging threats and help retain the best security levels in the industry.

The provider is continually improving the features and capabilities of this system. These updates will ensure that you get such improvements. All users can be sure they have all the latest improvements to the software by the provider thanks to these automatic software updates, you can rest assured that you.

Limits Employee Theft

Unlike many of the other supermarket POS systems available on the market, this one exposes and helps you prevent employee theft by automatically analyzing every transaction carried out in the establishment. It identifies suspicious transactions that need to be looked into.

Online Store Integration

In line with its commitment to offer retailers a powerful, innovative and simple POS solution, the provider allows you to integrate with some of the best online platforms. Allowing your customers to order for items online can create a new income stream for the business.


Thank you for reading and please avail of our tips to take your supermarket to the next level!