3 Best ways of marketing with foursquare


Foursquare is the new red hot social media, though it does not have as many fans as twitter and facebook, it is still becoming popular and is also great for business owners to market their business.  This is a quirky social network which the entrepreneurs and big business owners can use it alike to market their business well here.  You might not be interested in becoming a mayor of a place, but there are plenty others out there who love the badge and the thing that come along with it. Therefore, as a true businessman you must make use of it.

If you are not sure what Foursquare is and what is can do for your business then, it is simple. It is a location based service where users can check in wherever they go to a venue, such as a coffee shop, restaurant etc. Users can earn badges for checking in every time. Majority of the brands are using the Foursquare popularity to connect to more audience and market their business well. Businesses are allowed to create pages for users to follow the brand, provide them tips upon check in. This social media app offers updates for businesses to send messages about their products and special discounts to the users. Business owners can offer their users special offers, free stuff to users when they regularly check in to their venue. Here are a few ways in which the businesses and companies can market their businesses with Foursquare.

  1. Share information


You have to be a good source of info for your users. Inform them about your upcoming sales, events at your businesses and other places in your city. Users too can share the info about stores, restaurants etc which they have visited. Spreading the word and sharing the info will improve your business. When you provide a good info to the users, it will help your business with a lot of followers.

2. Engage users with games and other stuff


You do not have to use Foursquare to generate sales in a typical way. You can use it to engage your users through games and other ways. This will help you engage more with your customers and identify the potential customers from the regular foursquare users. Business owners can use Foursquare to post questions for followers to answer. You can plan a hunt depending on the check in. You can find creative ways to use the Foursquare page to increase your number of customers.

3. Share your favorites


You do not need to be a passive user on foursquare and concentrate just on the number of check ins your business is getting. You yourself can get out of town and start checking  some of your favorite spots. You can create some lists of favorites so that your followers can see where your interests lie. You can offer users badges and prizes for checking into the places on your favorite list. This location based marketing can be fun for your business and your followers too.