25 Ways to Improve Your Blog Performance


To get success in blogging, you should have objectives and goals. In this way you will be able to target the audience and have faithful followers of your blog. The key to making money from your blog is in your ability to boost viewership. You should be consistent and should not give up half way. Lack of commitment will not help in gaining success when you hoping to make an income through blogs. Following these tips may help you in enhancing your blog. If you need traffic to your blog, it is very vital to have accounts in social media, such as Tweeter, LinkedIn and Facebook among others. You will be able to reach a wider audience. Show your social handles on review websites like Ukritic in the author bio


Blog performance Tips


1. Post Regularly

If you are a smart blogger, you will make it a point to post weekly and on the same day too. In this way, the reader will know exactly when to visit your blog.


2. Promote comments

You may not find any comments during low traffic, but, you should always encourage them from the very beginning. Good blogs will soon get to interact and slowly the traffic will increase.


3. Tag your content

It is essential to tag posts along with keywords which you may use several times in your blog. This is to allow readers to click on your tag to read the total content on your blog.


4. Always give your best

When writing blogs, you should not hold back, but, try and give your best. You will be amazed at the amount of great ideas which occur.


5. Be Genuine

Be sincere in portraying yourself, even if you are not a good person. Do not change your character every week; you will lose your audience in no time.


6. Make a niche

All successful bloggers choose a niche for their blog. The advantage of it is that readers will have something to come back to your blog.


7. Put the need of your reader first

If your aim is to increase the audience, you should be aware of their needs first. With a reader centric blog, you will find readers inviting their friends to your blog as well.


8. Blog uniquely

While it is sensible to model your blogs according to successful blogs, readers will be happier if you write unique blogs.


9. Offer links

Linking is very essential in blogs, whether it is to your blog content or any different sources online. Ensure that the links are relevant to the readers and link as often as you can.


10. Use SEO

Blog contents with strong SEO and social media statistics will reach the top in search engine results.


11. Shun Ads

Ad can be distracting and even slow your blog; they are known to decrease your ranking in search engines too. You should concentrate on boosting your blog traffic.


12. Use Social Media tactic

If you need traffic to your blog, it is very vital to have accounts in social media, such as Tweeter, LinkedIn and Facebook among others. You will be able to reach a wider audience.


13. Comment on other blogs

It is a give and take situation, where you will have to comment on other blogs to interact. You should comment on the blogs which have really left an impact on you. You should link your comments back to your blog when doing so.


14. Archive in a good way

When you archive well using tags, your blogs will be much more effective. You will not have to make a new tag for each new post in this way.


15. Place image in your blogs

Using images create an attractive look to the post and you can design them well too. Images are known to boost traffic with the help of search engines.


16. Know your blog statistics

By checking out blog stats, it will be easy to find out which blogs are successful and which are not.


17. Provide options for updates in email

Email updates are a great way to remind readers about your blog.


18. Offer social media buttons to share

Social media button make it easier for readers to share great contents.


19. Be alert to days with high traffic

Prepare for high traffic days by posting regularly and including links and other related contents and share buttons too.


20. Select posts to promote more

You should promote the posts which appeal to the readers more. You will know which one to put extra promotional effort from this.


21. Create editorial calendar

This will help in concentrating on your blogging efforts and boost the traffic to it too.


22. Invite other guest bloggers

This will be advantageous in bringing in more readers to your blog, especially, those who are connected to the guest bloggers.


23. Offer testimonials

Providing testimonials in blogs are quite thrilling to other bloggers, especially the new ones who want information about the blogger.


24. Consider a promotional plan for your post

Promotional plans are great for informing the readers about your new posts and you can use the social networking sites for them.


25. Create your brand

This will ensure that every blog post provided by you is boosting the traffic to it. With these tips, you can enhance your blog and get success too.


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