15 Futuristic & Unique iPhone 5 Concepts


Apple’s iPhone is the most adorable smartphone of all time; people are crazy about this and wait for the new version every year. iPhone lovers were little bit disappointed last year with the new iPhone 4S, as they were expecting iPhone 5 with lots of new features. New Year has arrived, and rumors about new iPhone version also get start with various concepts and design prospective. Chinese market rumored about the new iPhone 5 launching somewhere in September 2012, but Apple is still silence about this. Apple hasn’t announced about new iPhone 5 or any new version of iPhone and its features.


We, as well as whole world are waiting for the official announcement from the Apple Inc. meanwhile; there are many designers and creative team who have thought about the new iPhone 5 and its features. They created some cool and unique concepts about the new futuristic iPhone 5. Get ready for the joyful and conceptual ride of the next generation iPhone 5 future concepts and design aspects. Give your suggestion about your concept if you have using comment form below.



iPhone SJ

This might be the most realistic concept and near to the real iPhone, this concept makes its corner little bit more bezel and new side buttons along with a polycarbonate lightweight body.
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IPhone SJ


iPhone 5G

Again NAK Studio made iPhone concept, this time adding your favorite color option to it. This concept is available in many other colors than black and white. This iPhone 5 concept uses a single part casing that is made out of magnesium, for a very lightweight design.
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IPhone 5G


Liquid Metal

NAK Studio gave a monstrous 4.5” widescreen liquid iPhone 5 concept featuring conceptual home button which disappears in the landscape mode. Amazing sleek design and feature rich iPhone 5 with 1.4mm thickness and 10MP camera make it most wanted smartphone in the hut.
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Liquid Metal


iPhone Full Screen

Designed by Alternative Industries, this iPhone concept features a full touch 4.0” screen, home button has gone, you would get a new experience while watching HD movies or browsing internet on full screen iPhone 5.
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IPhone Full Screen


Chicken iPhone 5 Concept

An elongated Home button, a slim, rectangular design featuring a 4-inch display, 7-mm thickness and a 10MP iSight camera at the back, plus a 5MP one at the front! Wow, it Apple got this concept then this must be the most feature rich smartphone.
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Chicken IPhone 5 Concept


Size Zero iPhone 5

In the courtesy of Antonello Falcone, screen becomes larger to the 4.6” and thickness to the 8.4mm, home button replaced with softer touch button.
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Size Zero IPhone 5


White iPhone 5

This concept bring the glossy white color with slight curve, camera is now at the top center position, back portion of this iPhone 5 concept resembles with Apple’s Magic Mouse.
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White IPhone 5


Future iPhone

There is a notable larger screen in this concept as is predicted for the iPhone 5, however, the “On/Off” power switch is shifted to the left-hand side rather at the default right.
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Future IPhone


Square iPhone 5

This Square iPhone 5 concept instead features a tiny round touchscreen Home button. Weather and Time will be available in the sleep mode.
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Square IPhone 5


iPhone Spyder

Really unrealistic but interesting concept, iPhone 5 now goes to the new level; it is more like bracelet or jewelry, you can wear it on your wrist, the screen is flexible and 3” wide diagonal.
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IPhone Spyder


Asymmetrical iPhone 5

Amazing design concept, asymmetrical design gives it refreshing touch unlike traditional square and curvy look. The side “+” and “-” buttons are more embedded into the side design.
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Asymmetrical IPhone 5


iPhone 5 Alleged

Similar to the new iPod touch, this concept features a 4” screen that preserves Apple’s current screen ratio. The design is thicker at the top and slightly reduced at the bottom.
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IPhone 5 Alleged


The Verge iPhone 5

The sketch suggested a screen of 3.7-inches, which will occupy the entire front of the phone, leaving almost no bezel. The Home button doubles as a gesture area and you won’t find any buttons on the side of the phone.
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The Verge IPhone 5


iPhone 5 Concept

The thickness of this iPhone measures around an amazing 6.35mm while the length comes to close to 6 cm. It looks more like a pouch than a phone.
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IPhone 5 Concept


The New iPhone

It’s rumored over few month that new iPhone 5 would feature 4.0” touch screen, based upon this rumor, this concept supports 4G LTE without a SIM card, features two panel speakers, an integrated Home button and it’s large display screen allows for desktop space.
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The New IPhone