10 Successful Blogger Outreach Strategies to Build Long Term Relationships 


Are you facing a tough time by not having enough traffic on your blog? Do you try to do everything on your own and end up frustrated?

Here are the top solutions to resolve your problem. First, it’s important to understand the fact that blogging is a team work and you will have to connect to be successful!

What’s all about the Blogger outreach strategies?

A lot of people use cold pitching as an approach to gain readers’ attention which is completely unsuitable. Don’t directly get to the point and play the long game to connect with different bloggers to building a sustainable relationship. You need a foundation with smart and successful bloggers before asking for help.

Building a successful and friendly relationship with different bloggers requires some time and patience. However, you can use these top 10 strategies used by Caffeinated, a successful blogger outreach service to get connected to high profile blogs:


  • Commenting on different blogs


If you post a valuable and meaningful comment on any blog, your comment will definitely get noticed. To build a strong value and a better outreach foundation, comment on different blogs. This will help you get better exposure and various new opportunities.

Prepare 3-4 paragraphs of 3-4 lines to build an intelligent comment. To get noticed by the influential bloggers, it is important to understand the subject and comment accordingly.


  • Sending personal emails


One of the best ways to connect with different bloggers is to send individual mails. Make sure that the mail you send is friendly, formal and showcases the benefits of partnering with you. If you want a person to promote your products, then don’t forget to add the benefits of promoting the products for them.

Offering benefits to them and their audiences will allure them to partner with you. You can use their names and appreciate their benchmarking work to make the mails highly attention grabbing and unavoidable for them.


  • Choose the option of DM’s on twitter


Direct messaging is available for you to communicate with people on twitter. You can directly message your new followers while personally interacting with them to build better bonds. You can also attach a link of your high-profile work to convince them. However, you must ensure that your messages are precise and convincing.


  • Arrange personal meetings with bloggers


What can be more effective than meeting the bloggers personally? If you are living nearby a blogger or know a blogger, then you must try to attend their events as well as arrange personal meetings. Offline meetings are highly interactive and successful than online meetings. When you meet in person, you will be able to communicate in a better way while explaining your campaigns. Thus, don’t lose a chance to meet any blogger personally if it is possible.


  • Connect with other bloggers


Find opportunity everywhere as you might get some old and new bloggers on your way. Bring all these bloggers together. Link with other bloggers through your impressive posts and offers. Develop friendship while offering something to their audiences. Choose the bloggers related to your niche and offer their readers something worthwhile and this will turn beneficial for you. You can also connect with bloggers looking for help and your job is done!


  • Connect with bloggers on social platforms


Tagging different bloggers on various social media platforms helps immensely. There are platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc on which, tagging a blogger will not only help you get more followers, but will also enhance their online presence. This way, they get benefited from your tags. It proves to be a very smart blogger outreach tactic and you must try it.


  • Try your hands-on Facebook messaging


Just like twitter, you can also send personal messages on Facebook. If you witness any questions on the page of your fellow bloggers, offer immediate help through Facebook messages. This will increase your engagement towards the active audience and bloggers. You can also offer assistance to the novice bloggers to strengthen your blogger outreach.


  • Promote or write positive reviews


This is such an amazing trick to gain better exposure for your blog. You can choose Amazon eBook reviews, online course reviews and testimonial reviews for connecting with the bloggers. Take out some time to write positive and useful reviews on the bloggers’ products and this will work wonders for you.

However, choose to write reviews specifically for the products/services you have personally used. Keep the reviews genuine and appealing. Promoting an intellectual blogger will help you build a strong bond with them.


  • Try to giveaway something


Offer something to your readers or fellow bloggers to expand your blog’s reach. Offering free subscriptions, free ebooks, free newsletters etc. will work miraculously for your blog. Build strong and long lasting relationships with other bloggers to strengthen your blogger outreach and also to develop a friendly network.


  • Develop a long term viewpoint


While you take any step, first analyze how those steps can benefit you on long term basis. If you want engaging blogs with constant traffic and a better reader base, elaborate your viewpoint and understand how the plan can benefit you in long term. Plan something that works for 3-6 months period and put in your best efforts to make the plan successful. Build strong and genuine relationships to enjoy better exposure and long lasting success in the blogging world.