10 Common Causes Of Data Loss


Data loss is an unpleasant event for any PC user, many of us are not very aware of the risks of losing information as well as the way to avoid this issue. Most of the universal causes of data loss have to do with our daily work and how we truly save, store also how we manage our information. We’ve put together the top ten causes of your data loss. Not surprisingly, data recovery does help you from some of these issues, and it protects you from data loss as well.

1. Coffee Or Other Damage By Liquids

Since the use of laptops has been growing during these last years, the damages caused by the spilling of coffee or some other beverages in the equipment have become frequent as well. Liquids cause a short circuit of the important electronic components and these are very difficult to recover afterward.

Accidents of this type or perhaps exposure to humid environments usually cause the loss of data stored on the hard disk..

2. Mechanical Damage To HDD

Hard drives are the most fragile part of a computer; they break more often than any other device connected to computers. There are so many moving parts inside of hard drives that it’s not surprising that they get damaged easily. There are some ways to use hard drive recovery to solve this issue, and it is inexpensive with a guarantee, you can fully recover the important data employing such a tool.

Can you afford to lose the data stored on your hard drive every 5 years? Performing regular backups always help with hardware problems, as it allows the opportunity to take the latest version of the data from secure storage and continue using it after any type of hardware failures.

3. Accidents, Fires, And Explosions

Explosions happen not often, however, fire utterly destroy computer as well as the data or information stored in it. Fire is indeed also dangerous for backups that are stored in the same physical location. For instance, getting weekly backups pile up on a great external hard drive that is stored in the same structure does not actually aid much if perhaps the building is affected by the fire.

The very safest measure against fire would be to indeed make regular backup copies and then keep them very far in another location. We frequently lose our data, just because there are no adequate procedures for workflow or backup plans..

4. Malware and Harmful Viruses

There are many new viruses that attack every day. Being connected to the network has its advantages, but also an inherent risk of exposing yourself to many serious risks. The damage can be very different, but most viruses affect operating software and damage the stored data. There are many different types of viruses and, often, the loss of data is only a side effect of some major damage caused to your operating system.

The most dangerous damages are attacks aimed at stealing business data. Imagine the value of customer databases, technical inventions, industrial information essential to the manufacturing or history of financial transactions of companies. Where there are monetary values, there is also a strong interest in acquiring this information.

However, if the computer is damaged by viruses or malware, it is possible to install the operating system and programs easily if you have available installation disks. The same happens with your original data; have backup copies of your data to be available in case of attacks allows you to recover your information quickly to continue operating.

5. Electrical Failures

There are two adverse effects of energy failures. Imagine writing an extensive article and have not saved yet, is perhaps the simplest example, but imagine that the work is with sophisticated databases or creating very detailed graphic illustrations. Do you understand what it means to return to zero or lose several hours of work?

Another issue, still deeper or maybe bigger problem might arise while the blackouts affect the operating systems or perhaps hardware; Shutting down a system abruptly without correct shutdown processes can trigger issues with the operating system to restart.

Sudden changes in voltage can damage many computer parts. Most problems can be solved by changing the power supply, but there is also a great possibility of damaging other parts that are very sensitive to changes in voltage and strong magnetic fields. Getting automatic backups of your information allow you to recover from disasters triggered by power failures out there.

6. Remove external drives

Do you always stop the external media before you unplug it? In most cases, the writing is done – but not always. Therefore, you should always make sure to separate the external drive and the computer with the appropriate operating system command.

7. Magnetism

Data storage is through magnetism, so it is no wonder that magnets can cause problems from the outside. These are for example installed in loudspeakers, so pay attention to this point when selecting the location.

8. Heat death

Not only cold, but too much heat can lead to data loss. The reason for this is the excessive extent of the read and writes head of the hard disk. Avoid temperature fluctuations if possible, only work at normal operating temperature. You can monitor the heat status using various tools.

9. Cold damage

Large cold or extreme temperature fluctuations can cause data loss. You should only use your calculator when it is at room temperature. Of course, this also applies to the laptop that you have forgotten overnight, for example, in frosty temperatures in the car.

10. Dust issue

The combination of dust and computer is dangerous. Dust particles can damage the components and the cause data loss, also, in the course of time, the fan becomes more and more covered and the temperature increases. As a result, the sensitive inner life can be affected up to total failure.

Finally, for notebooks, an empty battery is actually the most common cause of data loss. Of course, the user receives a warning signal in good time. This is, however, gladly ignored since anyway only two sentences must be written or a few numbers must be inserted. So you are doing well to react to the first warning and provide power.