7 Hottest PHP Frameworks of 2015

App development is always complicated and time consuming. But luckily, there are some fantastic PHP frameworks out there that can turn app development into a matter of hours. Lezgro.com JS and PHP developers have compiled a list of 7 hottest PHP frameworks of 2015 and some of their best features:

  1. Symfony 2

Symfony is a truly great PHP framework – a huge fan community and over 1 million downloads till date speak for themselves.


  • the most stable and adaptable 3-in-1 framework;
  • packed with “Dependency Injector” and “Even Dispatcher” which make Symfony entirely configurable;
  • highly customized;
  • offers an extensive documentation.
  1. Phalcon

Phalcon is among some of the fastest PHP frameworks.


  • steep learning curve;
  • little overhead (in comparison with other frameworks);
  • easy to use ORM;
  • excellent security;
  • universal auto-loader;
  • intuitive API;
  • allows software developers to use the whole framework or just individual objects.
  1. Yii

Yii is a kind of framework that lets you focus of the beauty of your code while doing tons of work “behind the scenes”.


  • unmatched caching system which loads web apps with incredible speed;
  • top-notch security;
  • gives excellent support for writing and running unit and functionality tests;
  • offers clear, extensive, and systematic documentation;
  • works well with third-party code.


  1. Laravel

Laravel is a brilliant PHP Framework packed with tons of great features. Built with the help of several Symfony components, Laravel gives your web app a solid base of reliable and well-tested code.


  • RESTful routing;
  • lightweight templating engine;
  • readable syntax;
  • stunning ORM called Eloquent;
  • large community;
  • incredible versatility – you can build anything from a small website to a giant application using Laravel.
  1. Zend

Zend is believed to be one of the most popular PHP frameworks for creating high-performing web apps.


  • beautifully designed workflows and API centric apps that deploy with incredible speed;
  • state-of-the-art cloud support;
  • fantastic streamlining and automation;
  • unparalleled front-end support (HTML, CSS, JavaScript);
  • online unit testing and instant debugging tools;
  • booming community.
  1. Codeigniter

If you are searching for a simple yet sophisticated toolset for building visually impressive and feature-rich web apps, Codeigniter is what you need.


  • clear documentation;
  • nearly zero configuration;
  • compatible with standard hosting;
  • no restrictive coding rules;
  • no template language needed;
  • great for beginners;
  • solid maintenance.
  1. CakePHP 3.0

CakePHP 3.0 is loaded with some fantastic features including enhanced session management, improved components and helpers, enhanced consistency of conventions, ORM improvements, and so much more!


  • no complex XML/YAML file configs for database setup;
  • neat code generation and scaffolding for rapid prototype building;
  • ideal for commercial apps;
  • decent security.