7 Signs which indicate you are ready for investment in content marketing


Content marketing, is a an important technique for enhancing web traffic, leads and for improving the SEO efforts of a company. Content marketing is also called as contextual marketing, inbound marketing and brand journalism too. I f you are an untrained marketer or a business owner, it will be hard for you to learn where to start or how to begin. If you are not yet using the content marketing strategies, here are signs which will make you reconsider your investments in content marketing.

  1. If your competitors are already investing


If you are aware that your competitors are using content marketing to their advantage, then what are you waiting for? Your competitors have an advantage over you and there is no reason for resisting building a strategy for keeping up with the competition. If you are doing well without it too then why don’t you think about taking your success to the next step. If you are struggling to survive then it is definite that it is time you have to move on and use content marketing.

  1. It will increase your natural search


Content marketing has to be based on keyword analytics, which will enhance the search engine optimization of your company. Content marketing will enhance your natural search and help you being found when someone is looking for information about services or products. Strategically and analytically finding and using the keywords and the content topics is very much necessary for ensuring the success of search engine optimization. There are plenty of essential resources and complexity for place their algorithm in place. It is no use trying to outdo the algorithm. It is a better use of resources for concentrating on developing good content which users will find helpful. This is the best of SEO strategies. Use analytics for grounding the strategy and building a depth into the content marketing strategy. Think and analyze about what solutions or problems a prospect might search for through the web.

  1. If your SEO is suffering


Though social media networking is the one which the marketers are obsessed with, Search Engine Optimization still stays a great way of attracting the visitors on the web to your website. Search engines especially Google loves fresh content from videos and blogs.


  1. Better lead generation


For a plenty of time the salesman requirements were continuously being rejected without the loss of enthusiasm. Sending emails, cold calls etc were the regular thing to do. Whereas content marketing, makes your marketing so irresistible that customers are ready to pay for it.

  1. It helps in building an opt-in email database


Many marketers’ top goals are capturing the email addresses and growing a list to provide the Cold Email Service. Content marketing can be a very effective mechanism for capturing the email id’s. The first steps in constructing an email opt-in list is promoting content and make the visitors come to your website. As the user has clicked through to learn more, it is necessary to make an exchange. When you get a user to a data capture landing page, provide them a good content offer which relates to other pages which they visited. It is necessary to leverage other web behavior for targeting the relevant and meaningful offers.

  1. If you find sales leads have plenty of questions


One best example of a company which has developed a strong strategy for this is hubspot. This company has pioneered in creating useful content in the form of reports, e-books, guides, white pages and other materials which are used for educating their audience, not instantly selling to them. If you take a look at their blog for example, you will find that they are looking for gaining new leads, most of their content is written for informing, pushing themselves as an industry leader, and providing genuine knowledge for the customers and their possible prospects. Remember an educated lead is a higher converting lead.

  1. If you are aware that you have to invest in content marketing, but have no idea where to start


You must never feel like it is very late for starting content marketing. It is about taking the initiative. According to a research, content marketing in 2015 report that even though eighty three percent of the marketers have a strategy for content marketing, only thirty five percent of them have documented it.  So this indicates that you are lucky and not everyone has figures this entire content marketing thing is not that popular yet and you still have plenty of time for the marketing strategy.