Content Marketing – Types and Usefulness


Content marketing can be easily described as using related and useful content to encourage and retain audience interest. There are different methods of content marketing that are used currently. It ranges from blogs, web page content to videos and tutorials. One of the main secrets to effective content marketing is acquiring an understanding of the audience’s requirement and even better, providing them with what they want. People are aware that most websites they visit are trying to hard sell them into buying their services or products. An effective content marketing strategy will eradicate this feeling within the audience. They would supply the visitors with the understanding that they are at the right place which will serve their best interests. Discussed below are some of the most effective content marketing tools used in the business currently:


Blogs are used widely throughout various niches to connect with audience. Blogs use informal tone in their content and are basically intended to provide tips, advice, suggestions; share discussions or personal experiences. Alternatively, blogs can also be used to comment on discussed topics and leave behind a link to the original site. Also blogs can be used to guest post articles concentrating on the product or website.

Lists, How-To…

There are various websites that publish articles based on listing on a particular topic or a how-to article. These websites sometimes allow guest posts where users can discuss topics of their choice and share insights and information by making lists and how-to. Most lists discuss top ten or top five services, products or other information. The secret to a perfect list is in depth research on the subject to be discussed.


Podcasts are transmission over the internet that can be live or pre-recorded, There are also free podcast hosting platforms. It can be either a video or an audio and can be arranged very easily. The only requirements are a fast internet connection and basic microphone and headphones. Podcasts are basically like radio shows and mostly cater to a captive audience. It is an effective method to maintain audience engagement and keep them interested about the subject. Podcasts can vary in duration from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending upon the topic to be discussed.


Webinar is an abbreviated form of “web seminar”. It is a digital presentation that explains to the attendees the various aspects of the subject being discussed. A webinar is usually live and uses webinar software to transmit. It captures the opportunity to preach to a live audience regarding the various services, products or views of the topic of the webinar. Webinars are mostly conducted for training and education.


Apart from blogging, video is a very important factor for content marketing. With written posts, it is not always possible to retain the attention of a visitor. According to a recent internet research, the attention span of an average visitor is no longer than 2-3 seconds. Making the topic visually interesting offers greater chances to market the services to a visitor and convince him/her of the product/service. Additionally, they also enable you to establish a brand and create an image in the minds of the audience.