Why should brands go to social networks, and whether everyone needs it — answers from the SMM specialist


It is also necessary to carry the news agenda, talk about the actions and what is happening in the company. But this is not the main thing. And research shows that this is not why users subscribe to brand pages.

For example, Coca-Cola did a good big study and found that people follow brands on social media for freebies. All kinds of promotions, discounts, bonuses — everything that pleases so much. That is, a person doesn’t care what brands do on social media. They come to social networks not to find out what is happening there in the life of a brand but for emotions.

Brands on social media should rely on emotions, but broader thinking, brands should go on social media NOW to be more human. It’s harder to show humanity on other channels, and social media is perfect for that.

Not all companies need social media. That all brands have rushed to the social network is evil. Because they go there for show, and we see hundreds of pages or groups of companies that no one subscribes to, that no one needs. And it’s not about the area in which the company operates. Look at “Kubanzheldormash,” this is a heavy machine building, but their page is not just live. There are more than 80,000 subscribers. Here, first of all, there should be understanding, desire, budget, time, and patience.

I can tell right away that not everyone needs content either. Depending on the tasks, some brands on social networks have a fairly clear target that will help guide users to a conditional landing. Social media content is quite expensive to produce today. Unless, of course, you do not engage in theft and download pictures from the Internet. Still, they think that they came to the social network, started a page, wrote down a post, and went sales here and now. This is not so; social networks are about playing a long game. To select, schedule, and publish content, you can use special auto-posting services. For example, Postoplan – https://postoplan.in/ is a smart system for automating posting, planning, and promoting publications. It allows you to schedule publications, works with many social networks and instant messengers, and has 2 cool graphic editors.

A brand can go to any social network that interests him because the targeting tools are about the same everywhere. Those who do not know how to work with it some specific social network.

A business needs a cool SMM specialist, first of all, a targeting specialist who knows which creatives will go well and knows how to set up advertising campaigns. It is unlikely that the business owner will deeply understand this himself and why would he need it.

Now let’s talk about competitor research. This is a critical step in developing a brand strategy for social media. We look at their content, the level of engagement, analyze what kind of response they get. If competitors do nothing, we also think — why? If the company is already present on the site, then when developing a brand promotion strategy on the social network, we look and analyze the current activities. Then we define the objectives and goals and how we will understand that the goals have been achieved. Then we think about positioning with competitors.

The 3 most important rules for promoting brands on social media:

  • Do not go to social networks if you do not know why you need it.
  • Know the portrait of your audience thoroughly.
  • Build human relationships — brand, be human!