Why SEO is only for the Tough


Anyone can be tough for SEO. The problem is, not everyone is tough for SEO. This is because optimization is hard work that needs patience and continuing education. New developments in search engine ranking pop up almost daily spurred on by Google. Thus, serious site owners ought to know why SEO is only for the tough. And here are some reasons.


It Requires Hard Work

Laziness will kill enthusiasm for optimization. People who find writing quality, unique, and informative articles too much effort easily give up on optimization. Or, they submit poor content with redundant keywords found all over the write-up. SEO cannot be everyone’s cup of coffee today especially when most folks want instant high ranking with less quality effort. Getting high ranks in search engines takes time to work out. Anyone who wants to get on top should daily cultivate a mindset of posting only high quality content.


Why SEO is tough


It Requires Faith

You have to believe in SEO work to persevere in it. Otherwise, everything will just be initial effort that never ends up in anything. Some site owners find it hard to believe that investing on unique contents to make it to top ranks on search engines really works. So they just hope adwords would do it for them. Sometimes, tedious tasks like doing quality articles with strategized keywords give second thoughts about their effectiveness. This is especially so when getting desired results take about weeks or months. Thus, SEO cannot be everyone’s cup of tea today when so many easily give up on their faith in hard work.

And this is why SEO is only for the tough in faith—a stubborn faith that says “This needs to be done because it certainly rewards hard work.” And faith is augmented by experience. Once a site owners experience getting first place on the first page of a search result, it vindicates faith that stuck with belief in optimization. These people develop faith like that with diligent work.


It Requires Abstinence

Abstinence? Does this mean something religious? Not exactly. This pertains to a persistent self-denial with regards to social networking. Social networking sites can provide tons of traffic to a site, but it’s unwise to just rely on them. It’s very tempting to spend more time on such sites especially when equipped with thousands of friend connections. But imagine what could be achieved if that is coupled with optimization?

But most site owners easily get tempted with social networking and do away with anything else. This is especially so if they have made a considerable following so that anything they post on the social sites gets patronage. In a sense, the more popular one gets, the lesser tendency one has about getting into optimization. SEO cannot be everyone’s cup of tea today.


It Requires Focus

When exposed to the Internet, lots of ads and promotions bombard users. And most of them lure site owners about very easy steps on how to get tons of traffic to a site. For a minimal cost any site can get “buying” traffic and up sales like never before! The main idea here is offering more results with less work. Particularly, no more need to do punishing unique write-ups. All that needs to be done is sit back and watch sign-ups happen like crazy.

But many people have been disappointed by these traffic gimmicks because a lot of them are bogus. Vying for search engine ranking is still the best option, especially when the going gets tough—it’s always the tough alone that gets going in the end. And that’s why SEO is only for the tough.