Why Personalizing Mass Cold Emails Is So Important For Deliverability


Sending thoughtful, personalized mass cold emails maximizes both your delivery rate and chances of getting a response

Personalizing cold emails is an essential part of running a successful cold email campaign — and the more personal you make your emails, the better. Though personalization is key for getting responses, it also helps guarantee that your email will get delivered. In this article, we’ll be discussing how and why personalization increases your deliverability rate. Keep reading to find out how your business can improve personalization for future mass cold email campaigns.

What are Personalized Mass Cold Emails?

Personalized mass cold emails help businesses connect with a new target audience

Personalized emails are welcoming, while impersonal emails will deter your recipients

If you haven’t attempted to personalize mass cold emails at scale yet, now is the time to start. Cold emails, in essence, are unsolicited emails that are sent with the intent to make a sale, professional connection, or some other beneficial relationship. A cold email campaign is a sales tactic that aims to make appeal to a new target audience through email. 

Oftentimes, cold email campaigns involve hundreds or even thousands of recipients at a time. Many people make the common mistake of neglecting to personalize their cold emails. When your emails are exactly the same they are easily susceptible to spam filters and spam reports. So, the bottom line for cold emailing is: you need to personalize your messages to avoid being marked as spam.

Not only is personalization necessary for delivery, personalization is also proven to get more replies. When you take care to add advanced personalization options to your campaign, your email appears more natural and enticing to your target audience. After all, people are more likely to reply to messages that are relevant and written specifically for them. 

How Does Personalization Make My Emails More Deliverable?

Too many impersonal emails sent at once will look like spam to both your audience and the spam filter

Follow or tips to stop worrying about whether or not your cold emails are getting delivered.

When you start your cold email campaign, remember that the spam folder is your biggest hurdle. Sending out too many emails, not personalizing emails, and using “spammy” wording, are all things that will get your cold emails flagged. If too many people are deleting or marking your emails as spam, your email service provider is more likely to flag your messages as spam before they arrive in your recipient’s inbox.

 If too many of your emails get flagged, your email server will realize and prevent your emails from being delivered in the future. So, personalization not only affects your current sales initiative, it could also affect your ability to utilize cold emails in the future.

What’s the Best Way To Send Personalized Cold Emails at Scale?

Try to personalize each mass cold email campaign as much as possible for the best results

Properly written cold emails are an underrated sales tool that many businesses overlook.

Now that we know personalization is one of the best ways to make sure your cold emails get delivered, it’s time to discuss how to properly send mass cold emails. 

To get started, you should divide your mailing list into smaller target groups to avoid sending too many emails at once. It helps if you can differentiate between characteristics of each email group. Try dividing up groups by age bracket, profession, or any other relevant classification that you can use to further personalize your content. By dividing your address list into groups you can stay away from the spam filters and make your messages much more authentic. The more authentic your message appears, the more likely your audience is to open, read, engage, and reply. To give you a better idea of the different ways you can personalize your cold emails let’s go over some basic and advanced techniques.

Basic personalization

The first things you want to personalize when drafting copy for your cold email campaign are the recipient’s name, company name, and industry. A mass emailing service, like GMass, is able to automatically search for and plug in these basic elements. Using basic personalization techniques is better than no personalization at all, though it isn’t a 100% guarantee you’ll make it past the spam filter. To craft the best cold email campaign for your business, you’ll need to do a little bit more research and customization. 

Advanced personalization

If you really want to impress your recipients and guarantee your cold emails won’t be flagged by the spam filter, you need to take your personalization one step further. We recommend customizing your email template to reference something specific about your recipient. white label solution, You can choose any piece of information from one of their publicly available profiles or their company website. This is where you take the time to congratulate them on their professional accomplishments, compliment one of their blog posts, or reference an article they posted on Linkedin. Some bulk email services even have a mass merge feature that can easily heighten your level of personalization for your next campaign. 

Depending on your target audience, you can decide which part of your email you want to personalize to get the best results. The key to convey that there is a specific reason you reached out to the recipient, which gives your cold email more credibility.

If you’re struggling to get responses to your cold emails, it could be an issue with your

personalization. By making personalization a priority for your next campaign, you can achieve a higher response rate than ever. So, before you hit send on your mass cold emails, make sure that they’re unique enough to appeal to your audience and avoid the spam filter.