Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive at Work


The appeal and satisfaction of treating employees’ happiness has become a function in the modern society, employers carefully study what is readily available and put their hopes accordingly. They are left to satisfy their common interest, while retaining the best and happiest moments alive. Still, the workers don’t want to settle for a low quality environment,these makes their demand too much and may get them cut out.  The happiness of your employees is of great importance to the success of any business, organization or a firm

Employees are greatly driven by the changes in attitude and actions of their employers. Some attributing factors that contribute to this can be discussed briefly; Like Playing video games can sometimes use cheats but improves employee efficiency.

Smooth communication with your employees: workers have their own mind and ideas and just like every other human, they are prone to decision making and innovative ideas. Most employers however find it hard to pay good attention to the views of their workers and some cases, they do what they think is best thereby neglecting the common interest of employees. Smooth communication can be seen as the ability to understand employee concerns which is of great importance. Therefore after that, it gives the employer the need for transparency by sharing what you’ve learned and displaying   action for addressing the issue. For example, after a recent company-wide meeting survey, we concluded on sharing our thoughts, ideas and results with all employees. Businesses should take steps to create spaces where employees can easily communicate and share ideas. Casual conversation such as “Do you feel you have the tools and resources needed to do your job or some personal questions can be employed. Such can be done  in the break room and can become collaborative conversations. Make it inviting and effective, attractive things such as nice furniture, nice foldable tables like the ones from study tables where such interactions can hold snacks should be made available, if possible.

Furthermore, suggestions should be aired and in the doing this, one could use suggestion boxes which will go a long way in keeping your staff feeling like they can provide their own ideas  and contribution for a more productive work.  Another aspect based on communicating with your employees is to hold reviews which could be weekly, monthly as the case may be. This gives the performances review on the job and how they feel about it. Congratulatory comments should be given to workers to make them feel appreciated for their job well done. Words such as well done, nice job, great work will go a long way in boasting the Morales of employees.  If you feel an employee needs to improve in some certain areas,  go on by handling the situation with great sense of humour, don’t be harsh, be down to earth with such person, studies show humans love commentary approach .Use phrases such as “your hard work is greatly appreciated especially your sales but it would be of great benefit if you pay more attention to this area, thank you. This goes a long way in making your workers feel the need of creativity and productivity towards a positive aim at the company or business.

Create flexibility in your job:flexibility here can be the ease of work, training your workers and updating them with the up to date skills and knowledge required. Establishment of predictable, consistent and good working schedules could help in situation of shift. That is when you have employees who work on shifts such as in the hospitals, industrial work and even factories. For instance, no employee will be happy to work during festive days as employee would love to be out there celebrating  with their families. So either day or evening shifts would do and not making one have to work on Saturday night angrily. Therefore flexible working schedules should be made as it affects the mental aspect of workers. Others work better at day time while others at evening hours so try to understand the best working time for each of your employees if the need be

Another aspect can be the trust you have in your employees. employees do not like to be mismanaged therefore  allow them do their work without making them feel irresponsible, for example if you assign a certain task to an employee, it would be wise not to do an hourly, and consistent check up on them.  When you always check on them, the impression of they are not fit or not able to perform the task comes in and it reduces the self-esteem of most workers.  A more supervising routine without making employees feel you are constantly  checking to see if there is any mistake can be employed in this aspect with great flexibility.

Introduce a friendly Environment:Happy employees make for a happy company. Within the office, we’ll publicly acknowledge accomplishments, provide a group lunch relaxation spot during break hours and within such spot simple foldable study tables should be placed for assimilation,Launch rooms should be made effective, attractive and it should be well served. You won’t want a tire looking employee working all day and having no time for refreshment.Wellness isn’t just physical, it’s mental, too. If you notice someone starting to burnout, give the person some minutes off to rest and get back on track.

Introduce rewards to employees:this aspect can be given as a surprised or a reward to your employees. Achievement and recognition can highly motivate employees. If they take risks, reward them. These employees deserve a reward for their hard work so you can be confident they will get their work done as well as enjoy a few extra days of well-deserved time off with family and friends. A simple time off work or a vacation will go a long work in boasting the working conditions of employees. Such vacations  can be on an annual basis, and this factors makes employees give in their best towards work because no man wants to work all year without having to take a break off thereby creating time to do other menial tasks or visit one or two persons during the year. Other rewards can be seen as setting a star price to be won. Such prices could be laptops, phones, gadgets, cars or even money. You will agree with me that even a common man on the street will be pushed to work cause of such prices set as rewards. This will greatly boast commitment of employees towards work in a positive manner.

With the above points explained even a common man on the street will be very happy to be an employee of such organization, business or firm. Thank you