Ways to Build Relationships with Personal Bloggers


How to Build Relationships with Personal Bloggers

Marketers who wish to flourish in the digital realm often turn towards bloggers who can help them promote their business. Bloggers are a gift to businesses and marketers as they allow them to access an audience they would not be able to reach otherwise. Guest posts on a personal blogger’s blog or reviews by a blogger can be used for a brand’s promotion.

Bloggers are an ideal resource in business promotion. However, if marketers want personal bloggers to talk authentically about their brand and/or promote their products or services, they must build strong relationships with them. In this article, Alex from Servme & VM Interactive demonstrate how marketers can build relationships with personal bloggers.

1.     Be Nice

When communicating with a blogger, it is essential to use a respectful and formal tone. Moreover, marketers shouldn’t expect bloggers to promptly respond to their emails. Bloggers usually take some time to reply to emails. A marketer cannot force a blogger to reply. The only thing they can do is wait patiently for a response.

When writing a mail message to a blogger, marketers should highlight what they liked about their blog or how they found the blog. They shouldn’t initially ask for anything from a blogger. The blogger is likely to reply to the email message that complements their work. This will allow a marketer to initiate a conversation with the blogger.

2.     Offer Incentives

Why would a blogger invest their time in the marketer’s business? When marketers contact bloggers after an initial message, they should offer something that’s valuable or important to the blogger. For example, a marketer may offer to provide unique content that compliments the blog of the personal blogger. In addition, the marketer can offer a unique product as a gift to capture a blogger’s attention.

3.     Share Their Content

A marketer can share a blogger’s content like their blog posts or article on their website to show to the blogger that they really love their content. The blogger will feel that their work is being appreciated. Marketers should also use their business’ social media accounts to encourage users to check out all the fascinating things the blogger posts.

4.     Increase their Traffic

Every blogger strives for more traffic. If a marketer can get more viewers to check-out a blogger’s work, the blogger will be more interested in doing business with them. A marketer can use their own website or social media channels to promote the content of a blogger and get more traffic to their website. They can also put links of the blogger’s content in their own articles and blog posts to direct more traffic to the blogger’s website or blog.

5.     Get Personal

Email messages aren’t enough to establish a strong relationship with a blogger. Marketers should connect with the blogger on social media to get personal with them. The conversation can be started on Facebook with a simply ‘Hi’. If the marketer followed the previous steps, the blogger will surely reply.

On Facebook, the marketer can ask more questions from the blogger about the offers they’ll be interested in and how they can establish a business relationship that is beneficial to both.

6.     Offer Advice

A marketer can help a blogger by offering free advice that is beneficial to them. For example, a marketer who has expertise in Facebook Ads can provide helpful tips to a blogger to promote their blog through social media. The blogger is likely to return this favour by helping the marketer on a topic they are more knowledge about. This will help a marketer in establishing a strong relationship with the blogger.

7.     Be Clear in Communication

Marketers often hesitate to approach bloggers and ask them what they want from the blogger. Bloggers are professionals who have a good understanding of the business realm. They know that support and networking is essential for the growth of their blog just as they are essential for promoting a business. Therefore, marketers should never hesitate to ask them what they want from the blogger. Once they have made themselves known to the blogger, they should tell them exactly what they require the blogger to do for them.

Healthy Links stipulate that it takes time to build a relationship with a personal blogger. Therefore, marketers should stay patient and take their time to nurture a relationship with a blogger.