Ways to optimize your news or editorial website


Online news sites are in vogue today. However, not every website is created equal. Not every website is able to generate similar level of trust from readers. It needs to be mentioned here that news or editorial sites need a little more thought than what traditional sites do. Today, we will walk you through a few tips with the help of which you can optimize your news website in the best possible fashion.


Tips to optimize your news site

Now editors are particularly known to put considerable emphasis on the design to render a touch of quality to their sites. If quality designs entail heavy images that are difficult to load then you might as well want to rethink your choices before going ahead with them. Ideally your site should be the perfect combination of quality and functionality.

What should you find out about magazine-styled theme?

A magazine styled theme typically includes well-designed but highly functional homepages that can easily accommodate several articles together without really overwhelming the reader. WordPress is definitely one of the platforms that facilitate the entire process- the reason being there is a wide array of multipurpose themes in the offing. You can get the latest post displayed in various ways. Plus you can easily group your content by category with the help of expansive menus.

Think out of the box!

Core news is what you will offer in real time. Is there anything else that you can offer your readers as well? You can go through the website of DX news, for example. This particular news site dedicatedly offers radio news and goes the extra mile to provide breathtaking pictures of the places wherefrom the radio news is coming in. For instance, if they are offering you amateur radio news from Bonaire Island, you will actually get to know a lot about the origin of the island as well.

Optimize cover images and more

Adopt a unique approach while promoting your news site as well. For instance, one of the most effective but neglected social media marketing hacks is to promote your cover images. Don’t forget that prudent competitors are already utilizing cover images to promote webinars and conferences. Though their value is being steadily recognized by online marketers, the true potential of cover images is yet to be unlocked.

Coming back to images, let us tell you that for years, editors had to stick to smaller images for download speeds and restricted screen size. Today, however, with fewer constraints, you can choose to be a tad more liberal with your options. You can select bigger and bolder images but make sure they are relevant. You can either choose to click your photos or select them from sites like ShutterStock as per your convenience but exercise due sagacity to publish them strategically. In case, you’re picking up images instead of clicking them yourself then make sure you’re picking up something which complies with the theme of your site.

Do keep these points in view in order to shore up visibility of your news site.