Using Image Sharing Sites to Promote Your Blog


If you took a poll of the experienced bloggers, almost every one of them would say building more traffic is their biggest challenge. Unfortunately, driving traffic has become even more difficult in recent years. Some of the strategies that worked very well in 2010 are no longer effective.

Fortunately, there are still some great ways bloggers can generate large volumes of high converting traffic to their website. Sharing content on image sharing sites is one of the most effective. Here are some of the benefits of using image sharing sites to promote your blog.

Limited competition

Despite the rapidly growing popularity of image sharing sites, few marketers are using them to reach their audience. Even fewer bloggers are using them to drive traffic. This means that image sharing sites are untapped gold mines for astute bloggers that are willing to incorporate them into their funnels.

Ability to engage with specific demographics

Most successful blogs create sites around certain demographics. Most image sharing sites have niche communities that cater to those users. If you can match your demographic with the right traffic, it will convert very well. Those users will happily share your content on other social networking sites, which will amplify your blog marketing strategy.

Attract highly engage readers to your blog

Over 70% of people that visit your website will never return. Part of the reason is that some of the traffic you are sending probably isn’t very high-quality. You need to make sure your readers are highly engaged if you want to create a successful blog.

This is an overlooked benefit of using Pinterest, Instagram and other image sharing sites to drive traffic to your blog. These visitors will already be very impressed with the content you shared. They will be much more likely to stick around and engage with your site. Of course, you need to make sure that your content matches the theme of your blog.

Get plenty of organic traffic

One of the great things about visual content is that it resonates with so many people. If your images are interesting enough, they can go viral and you may reach a tremendous number of potential followers for your blog.

I have spoken with a few bloggers that have received over 60% of their traffic from Pinterest alone. One of these bloggers is in the fashion niche. She takes unique images and doctors them up on Photoshop. Since her content is so original, she gets a lot of traction with it.

If you have an unusual niche, you can do very well by creating highly engaging images. You just need to know what your future readers want to see to create something that has mass appeal. You can even use an automated marketing strategy that involves automated Instagram likes.

Image sharing sites can be great for promoting your blog

If you are struggling to grow your blog, you should consider trying a number of different image sharing sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram. These platforms are great for reaching large numbers of potential readers. The trick is to create highly engaging visual content that your readers will love.

These networks tend to work better in some niches than others, but almost every blog can use visual content to their advantage.