Top Cities in the USA for SEO Services & Professionals


So many businesses are looking for people and companies to search for their own websites today. In fact, it’s recommended. This helps you practice and conduct research necessary to help optimize your websites SEO, by being the ground zero for your website; you need to consider the location that people can come for. It’s been proven that in recent years, search engine optimization has played a key role in helping businesses hold their own torch against their competitors.

There have been numerous SEO professionals everywhere, and many of them reside in larger cities. Finding one near you is fine and dandy, but what about elsewhere in the U.S.? It’s important to recognize the fact that one may be just as effective if you branch out further than just locally. This article comprises a few top locations for SEO service professionals in the country that can be found at

  1. California:
    California has always been King. There are many forms of business markets, and every SEO company in California   can vouch that there are both good, and bad SEO items. California has increased their portfolio of helping businesses succeed over the years.
  2. Washington, DC:Washington has a high level of SEO companies and professionals available at your disposal. Their hours of operation may vary, but what’s important is how they work with you to ensure that you are getting with a company that provides the ultimate assistance and customer services possible. SEO Specialists also earn more than the national average in Washington, DC.
  1. Austin & Dallas, TX:
    SEO firms have the second most top job searches listed online. From Austin, to Dallas, and many cities in between, there are a plethora of digital media and artistry jobs. This has led to an increase in the need for digital marketing strategies over the years. Texas has a lower cost of living than some other states, so more companies are migrating South.
  2. Seattle, Washington:
    Seattle, in the rainy state has been in this list more than once. It is one of the musical capitals of the United States, and is well recognized from all of the media attention it gets. Though they haven’t grown as high in SEO jobs available, they are still climbing and are one of the top cities in the country where SEO masters reside.
  3. Atlanta, GA:
    Atlanta Georgia is constantly growing, and so is its market. They have more professional services than many other states because Georgia is also the home of the Army’s Signal Corps., who is in charge of IT solutions, Media solutions, and Satellite communications.
  4. Last, but Still Promising:
    When it comes to the top cities in the USA for SEO services, Chicago and New York City are still on the list. There are so many businesses, and the constant job growth, digital media presence of companies, and constant company startups in this area, both Chicago, IL and New York City, NY will probably never sleep, as they are constantly running on fast forward.
  5. So where do you find an SEO specialist? That is entirely up to you. You don’t have to limit yourself to these cities though. There are SEO specialists everywhere, even in the Midwest (Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, and more). Just because they aren’t on the list doesn’t mean that their work isn’t top quality, but if you’re looking for a lot more options, be sure to include the cities and areas on this top list.