Top 7 Live TV Apps in India

tv apps

With the advancement of the Internet, the modes of entertainment have increased and evolved. Gone are the days when you had to wait to reach home and sit in front of your TV to watch your favorite show. Now, you just need your phone and a good Internet connection to enjoy any show you want anytime, anywhere.

In India, most people spend quite some time commuting. Therefore, the best way to pass the time is to have on-the-go entertainment handy. Besides, this also ensures that you never miss an episode of your favorite show.

Thanks to technological advancement and post the introduction of high-speed 4G data in India, the demand for live TV has gone up. Due to the increase in demand, many new live TV apps have been introduced in the recent past. Some of the most popular live TV apps in India are as listed below:

tv apps

  • Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the most popular live TV apps owned by Star network. The app holds the sole rights to all the Star network channels. It hosts TV serials, live cricket, song videos, and movies. You may also watch a number of international shows on this app. The app enables you to download these programs and store them for viewing later. It has a search feature and supports multiple languages for movies.

  • nexGTv

nexGTv is an app with over 150 Indian channels. It identifies your smart phone and offers video quality that is best-suited for viewing on your device. The app lets you enable or disable a channel and put your favorite ones at the top of the list. You may sort the content genre wise as well as language wise. The app also has replay, record, volume control, and picture mode features. Moreover, you will be able to set reminders to catch your favorite shows on time.

  • dittoTV

dittoTV, owned by Zee Entertainment, offers more than 100 live TV channels. The app lets you stream channels and watch 7-day-old episodes seamlessly. The app comes with a pause and play feature. With this feature, you will be able to pause a channel on one device and continue playing it on another device.

  • YuppTV

YuppTV supports over 200 channels that can be streamed in more than ten languages. The app comes with a simple user interface. You may record TV programs and watch them later. Like dittoTV, this app also lets you watch 7-day-old episodes.

  • SonyLiv

SonyLiv streams content of channels run by Sony Entertainment Television. The app has limited content. However, you will be able to watch all the episodes of a particular show from the beginning. To view all the Sony channels, you will have to choose the paid subscription option. Besides, the app does not stream live sports.

  • Zenga TV

Zenga TV streams over 100 channels with both Indian and international content. Apart from live TV channels, there are more than 1000 videos on the app. The app lets you sort content genre wise and search for your favorite shows.

  • JioTV

JioTV is one of the youngest and most dynamic apps available. It works on the Jio 4G network and supports more than 400 channels, including over 60 HD channels. Unlike others, JioTV allows you to stream old content and is not restricted to the 7-day limit. JioTV supports multiple languages and comes with a number of features. Its zero disturbance feature allows you to lock your screen for uninterrupted viewing. Some of its other smart features include search, share, rewind, set a reminder, and play and pause.

Pick your favorite live TV app from the list and enjoy non-stop entertainment wherever you go. Make sure that you have a smooth Internet connection for seamlessly viewing live TV channels online.