IT Industry And The Cyber Attacks


IT Industry And The Cyber Attacks

People would undoubtedly relate to the fact that 80% of people are in some or the other way dependent upon their smart phone, computers or the laptops every now and then. The amount of world population that comes under the literacy rate known what the internet means in today’s society. At time people do not even realize how much they have become dependent on these machines that are brought to the people by the IT or information technology industry.

The evolution rate is such huge in the past two to three decades that people couldn’t even realize when the personal computers got replaced by laptops, laptops got replaced by the tablets and the tablets got replaced by the smart phones. This advancement and evolution in the field of computer science has brought in a huge long list of advantages to each and every sector but at the same time it has also brought in some serious threats and attacks.

Each and every thing comes along with some or the other drawbacks and those things that do not have a drawback is subjected to some or the other threat as each and every person looks forward towards making money. Some chooses the right way of earning while some people tends to make improper use of their education and knowledge and misuse their talent and end up with owning the title of a threat to the society. These people are educated and talented burglars and the reason behind these attacks might vary from attacker to attacker.

Cybercrime is directly proportional to cyber advancement. Just like there is a new app almost every day, burglars are finding out new threats and attacks every now and then. A protection or shield, for all these IT devices like the personal computers, laptops, smart phones and other machines that runs on the internet and event driven programming, that would conserve and protect the loss of information, hardware or software damage and foreign viruses that may be harmful for the system is commonly termed as the cyber security.

The need for cyber security is growing at a rapid rate as because the modern society is having a high increase in the graph that shows the use of dependency of the IT services including the internet service providers. E- Commerce is also a very big reason behind the need of cyber security. The various web sites, their log in details that needs the ID and a password, internet banking, electronic transactions, the use of debit cards and credit cards while shopping or paying for some or the other reason etc. demands in security and integrity of the machine that is being the medium.

One needs to be alert about all these internet scams and phishing. Phishing is one of the most popular and effective attack that happens over the internet where the crucial information like the bank details, account and the ATM card PIN numbers are collected by the burglars and are hence subjected to being used that results in financial and informational loss of an individual. Click here to learn more about the topic and also about debt related issues and make your life easy and tension free.