Top 5 free Screenshot Capturing Tools for your PC


Taking screen shots is something pretty common. There are various reasons for which you need to take screen shots. Now apart from doing it the traditional way you can resort to a more savvy way. There are scores of screen shot software available for free on the internet that you can download and get going. In this article we will reveal the top 5 free screenshot capturing tools for your PC.


Top 5 free Screenshot capturing Tools for your PC




This is a free screen shot capturing tool that you can download for free. With the help of this tool you cannot just mark pre-existing images that are present in your computer but also take screen shots. You can simply use this on the web to take screen shots or you can even download the Adobe air version to get it downloaded on your computer. After taking screen shots you can either save it on your computer or you can also share it on the social networking sites. So this software is pretty convenient in smartening up things.



Bounce is another important application that helps in taking screen shots and is available for free on the internet. Pretty much like the previous one, this too also helps you to capture screen shots and share then in a flash over the social networking sites. So all that you need to do is to go the website of bounce and get a free copy that is readily available. However the best part of using this tool is that you can annotate a URL to your screen capture and air it on the internet for your friends or communities to get it.



With Pixlr you are going to get the largest set of editing and image creating tools, the best part of it is you can do multiple things such as crop screen image, get it printed and moreover take a screen shot. This tool is available as an extension of the Firefox or the Chrome. Once you have taken the screen shot you can send it to the Pixlr editor for editing it further.



Monosnap is a free screen capture tool that helps you to make captures for Windows and Mac. The best part of this tool is that it is soon going to be available for iOS and androids. That will certainly boost its use to a great extent. Once you capture an image with its aid, you can customize it by highlighting some parts of it or drawing something on it. You can also open a free Monosnap account and upload all your images over there without having to pay anything.



It offers a free screen shot capturing tool that helps in getting shots for Windows and Mac. It also allows free text highlighting and drawing. Once you are done with it you will be able to save it as a PNG file and upload it to MS Outlook.


These are 5 top screen shot tool that can help you to streamline your work quite easily and efficiently. You can also keep a tab on the latest software developments over the internet.