12 Best Selling Smartphones of 2012


Technology world got interesting last year, the hot topic of the year was smartphone war which brought the most feature rich and various smartphones in the market. Users were in big delusion to choose the best among the many smartphones. We too, have involved in the search of the feature rich plus attractive looking smartphone and have created the following list of 12 best selling smartphones of the year 2012.


12 Best Selling Smartphones of 2012



1. iPhone 5

iPhone has regained its title of best application in the platform of smartphones.
There are many smart phones of other companies but when the matter of user experience comes then there is no other smart phone which is compatible to Apple’s iPhone. iPhone 5 is the refine version of Apple’s smart phone series. It has resolved almost every issue which people have faced in I-phone series. Therefore, some people think that iPhone 5 is the series of snippets and noshes to the iPhone 4S.



The characteristic of iPhone 5 is that its retina display is taller with a thinner body. The processor of iPhone 5 is very fast and new. Another important feature is that its casing is made of aluminum. Therefore, chances of cracks and scratches are very low. Furthermore, it has a great improvement in its camera. It can capture pictures even in low lights. iPhone 5 was launched on July 30, 2012. It has two million sales in its opening weekend.


2. Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III is the best-selling Android phone technology. Samsung is also famous for producing top of line products.



Characteristics of Samsung Galaxy S III are that its processing speed is very good. Its visual views are vibrant with dope multimedia features. It has top notch calling system.
The date of Launching Samsung Galaxy III is 3, May 2012. There were 30 million units of Samsung which sold in the first week of its launch.


3. Nexus 4

There was a huge whispering among people when Google decided and announced that LG would produce next smart phone. There were also more gossips when LG added LTE service.



The new Nexus offers android technology and it is most responsive. Its screen is very impressive. It has 4.7-inch True HD IPS+ screen which has prompt execution. Camera result of Nexus is very high. Its spec sheet is one of the best features of this mobile. This is a better deal for those people who are looking for a UN locked smart phone. It was released in November 2012.Since November2012, 375, 000 units were sold.


4. Nokia Lumia 900

There are many pessimists who negate characteristics of smart phones. One of the most pessimistic WP7 even did not find anything negative about Nokia Lumia 900. And even it did not utter a word. It even said that Nokia Lumia 900 is a premium smart phone.



It has a central processing unit of 1.4 GHz. Therefore its processing speed is very good. Quality of camera is very high. So people prefer to buy Nokia Lumia 900. Nokia Lumia 900 was released in June 2012. Company sold 1 million units in 30 days.


5. HTC One X+

HTC use the methodology of repackaging on its most important Android phone. So, this is the cause to make it smarter.



Memory capacity of HTC One X+ is almost 64 GB. It is basically famous for its quad core processing. It has 1.7 GHz CPU. The LCD panel of this phone is 4.7 inches.
It was released on October 30. Company sold almost five million units since its launch.


6. Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung has amended every inadequacy and deficiency in the follow up Galaxy Note.



Its processing is known as monstrous processing because it has quad core processing. It has 5.5 inch screen. Therefore, it has amazing angle view and it produces a picture with its best quality. Some people say that Samsung is a crazy company because it released two fantastic models of smart phone in the same year. It was released in December 2012. On its day of launch, company sold five million units.


7. HTC One X

This phone is also famous as “the best android phone ever seen.” Many publications also discuss on this and include it one of the top smart phone series.



The major characteristic is that it is almost a flawless smart phone in execution. It is also providing best UI in Android technology. It has also one of the best looking displays. The X in this mobile name starts a new competition. And then it supports to step their mobile series up. It was released on October 2012. Company also sold 5 million units of HTC one X on its day of launching.


8. HTC Droid DNA

This is one of the unbelievable series of Droid. People were anticipating the next Verizon’s Flagship phone.



It has dominant quad core Processing system. It presents firstly full HD display in mobile phones. It has 5 inch FHD. It’s also famous for its super LCD 3 screen which has crossed the way between smart phones and tablet. It was released on November 2012. More units of HTC were sold in 2012 than the previous year.


9. HTC 8X

It has a new iconic design which is reflected in your connection.



It shows its superior performance with great processing. It has an ultra-wide angle camera. Therefore, people can enjoy every moment with making their memories.


10. Motorola Droid RAZR HD & Maxx HD

It also has the same spec sheet as other Motorola smart phone has.



It has a screen of 4.7 –inch. Its pixel density is very high (331ppi). It has a large storage capacity and huge battery life. November 2012 is the launch date of HTC 8X. Company sold more than million units at its day of launch.


11. HTC One S

This is the first series of one, therefore known as one S.



Image sense chip is installed in it, therefore users of this phone enjoy photo taking actions. It is a dual core series. Other features are that it has improved audio beat along with sense 4.0. It was launched on April 2012. Two million units of HTC One S were sold at its launching day.


12. Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx

It was great news when Motorola announced that the company is going to release the new model of second generation Droid Razr.



Motorola Droid RAZR Max is famous for the huge battery life. There is a soft where in this smart phone known as Smart Actions software, it guaranteed that talk time of this phone battery will be 21.5 hour to 15.8 hours. It was launched on October 2012. Company sold less than 100 million units at its day of launching.