Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Earning From Your Blog


Nowadays you can see a lot of teens or adults creating a blog very often. It’s definitely not because they are passionate about this. What motivates people to convert to a blogger is nothing but money as they feel it is the easiest way to earn lot of money. The easiest idea of money making through blogging, changes when they start blogging.


Within two or three months every blogger realize that earning money through blogging is not that easy. They don’t find blogging as sweet as it sounds like and gives their blogging career a permanent end.

It is very true that you can’t expect a four figure income within three four months of your blogging. Patience is the key here. If you are patient enough then you can be sure of making a good amount of money within a well amount of time gradually.


Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Earning From Your Blog

So here my article will give you a fare idea and reasons why you are not earning money from your blog.



Don’t expect to earn money too early:

As I have already mentioned that patience is the key while blogging, at least when it comes to earn money. For a less professional blogger the easiest way to earn money is to display ads in their blog and earn money when somebody clicks on it. But I must say if you just have started blogging then it is too early to display ads in your blog. Because it will not help you generate revenue by just displaying ads in your blog. To generate revenue you need clicks and to get clicks you have to attract traffic. It means you need traffic to earn money. But if your blog does not have enough traffic or that much publicity to attract traffic then there is no point complaining about your income.


Only ads without content:

You need to know that blogging means helping others not earning money while sleeping. So if you don’t have enough content worthy to attract traffic and have only ads to display, how can you expect to earn money?

You also need to remember that it is not about the number of articles published but the value of the content matters. So if you have some good articles which are helpful for the readers and search engine optimized then traffic are bound to follow your blog. Now as soon as traffic starts flowing down to your blog, you can be sure of filling your pocket quickly.


Choosing the wrong niche:

Every blogger doesn’t earn from what they does. It depends on the niche you choose to blog. It largely determines how quickly you are going to earn and become rich through blogging. If you are into blogging only to earn then blogging on some random topic will surely not help your cause. You need to choose a niche or a topic that is widely searched for.

For example: The craze for science and technology is a hot topic that many people are choosing as their niche for their blog nowadays.

So you can start with a technology related blog which might earn popularity very quickly. But it needs to be the best because there are so many similar kinds of blogs out there. So if you are into blogging with an aim to earn money then I will suggest you to choose a niche that is most familiar to you and somewhat profitable too.

Lastly and most importantly one thing that can make your blog a money tree is nothing but Traffic! That’s the main thing that can earn you a lot of money. There are so many bloggers who are completely dependent on blogging for their economic expenses. That means they are able to earn a lot of money through blogging and it’s only because they have huge traffic to follow their blog.

I hope this article will help you understand how to earn from your blog by eliminating the common mistakes you do quite often.