Top 10 Most Useful Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers


According to W3Schools browser statistics Google Chrome is the second most used browser globally after Mozilla Firefox grabbed 35.3% users worldwide last month. This is just to tell you the success of chrome web browser, people love to use chrome for its features, speed and response time of webpage loading. One more feature in chrome is its extension support; you can download thousands of Google chrome extensions for various purposes.


Chrome Extensions are considered as extra features and capability which make your browser experience more robust and useful. Chrome extensions can be used to customize your Google chrome browser as per your need and profession. There are many chrome extensions according to your profession which can be useful to make your work easily and interestingly by saving so much time.


Following 10 most useful Google Chrome Extensions are for bloggers, which need lots of functionality from a browser. These extensions are ideal for them to make their work smoother and easier. We can say fortunately, Chrome has a burgeoning collection of extensions that will make the transition from Firefox a lot easier. In upcoming months Google Chrome will grab the top position from Firefox due to these extensions and their increasing amount.


Chromed Silver Bird



Image Cropper

Image Cropper


WordPress Comments Notifier

wordpress comment notifier


Twitter Bar



Add This



SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar

SEO Status Pagerand and Alexa Toolbar


Google Images Large Images



Shareaholic for Google Chrome



Google Reader Notifier



Digg For Chrome

digg for chrome