Top 10 Amazon Seller Tools for beginners in 2021


Money matters more than anything in this era and most people knew it. This is why people want to make money and try different ideas to explore all-new ways. Thanks to the platforms like Amazon as doing business has become easy for everyone. This wonderful platform is letting you sell anything you want while facilitating to make your dreams come true at the same time. It is letting people sell with comfort as it will store, pack and move your products to the buyers. You just need to work on your seller account and have to maintain better product listings. It will automatically start showing your items if they are worth buying. Actually, it is not the product features alone that sell items on Amazon. You are rather required to add value by making your product gets sold more often while getting good reviews at the same time. 

The product is however likely to get the Amazon badge if it is handled by the platform itself. Fulfillment by Amazon will add more value to your items. You can know more about the FBA at Olifant Digital to accelerate your sales in 2021. There are some more wonderful tools that will also be discussed to help newbies enhance their selling on this wonderful E-commerce platform. The top 10 Amazon seller tools are described below. 


The name may look a little strange for you but it is as resilient and hardworking as a camel is. It is the best option to work with for the newbies as it offers a range of useful options. It offers downloads, add-ons and, news for newcomers. Besides that all it will offer guides, tips, and tricks to accelerate on the platform. And, you will get it all for free. Yes, this splendid tool will help you run your Amazon fulfillment business for free. It will rather add value to your business by making it look more competitive on the platform. 


It is a keyword tracker that works for your products in many ways. You cannot just deny the value of using the right keywords on any web-based platform. And, it is also vital when we talk about Amazon. Amazon uses keywords to pick your products during organic searches while keywords are also vital in PPC ad campaign management. The Keyworx can thus help you manage your Amazon SEO and can also help you run some striking PPC ad campaigns. It keeps sorting the best keywords on the platform and lets you make necessary adjustments. 

3.Amazon seller app 

Pricing is such an important factor when it comes to selling on Amazon. Amazon will never show your product in the search results if it is not rightly priced. However, you can only adjust the prices after knowing the competitive prices. And, this is where this app can help you. It can let you price your items rightly. It is free and quite useful for sellers looking to test waters on Amazon. You can become the best Amazon FBA seller when you can place the right price tags on your product images. 


It is one of the very useful selling tools for Amazon as it will cover a whole lot of vital tasks for you. It will help you cover the entire platform. It will scrap data in a quick time and will make decision-making look easier than you think. It is easy to collect and analyze data in useful formats. You can download it in excel as well as CSV formats. While HTML data is readily available for entities going to use Octoparse. It is useful for the newbies but is equally beneficial for entities getting experts on Amazon. 

5.Profit bandit

It is a useful selling tool for entities looking to excel on Amazon. But it is vital to note that it is not free. If you have decided to pursue things professionally on the platform then it’s time to get to ‘profit bandit’. It will sort your items and will automatically calculate profits on your products. While in-app competitor analysis is readily available for the sellers. 

6.Unicorn smasher 

Product research is an essential part of Amazon FBA business and you cannot just do it without having a fine tool. The unicorn smasher works to collect data about the items sold by the competitors. One can conduct quality product research with this useful tool. You can know what is being sold and at what price. 

7.AMZ finder 

Customer reviews are an important part of every Amazon business. One cannot just get good sales going on without taking care of the reviews. You can convince Amazon bots as well as potential buyers by getting good reviews. Hence, AMZ finder automates emails to the customers to get good reviews for your products. It offers some 500 free emails per month for its users.

8.Price blink 

Remember, price is the first and foremost factor that comes into the act when it comes to selling on Amazon. One cannot just sell products without being aware of the lowest price. Price blink can simply help in this regard by sorting the lowest price against a specific product category. 


Sellics is the right selling tool for Amazon sellers especially when they want to take control over everything. It will help sellers in areas like Amazon SEO, PPC ads and, research reviews. It will also bring competitor analysis into the play while managing inventory on an Amazon FBA account. It provides a holistic approach towards selling account management on Amazon. 

10.Amazon FBA calculator 

Every seller wants to get more information in areas like sales ranks, price and, ROI. Amazon FBA calculator will simply help sellers initiate any such kind of analysis with comfort. It will calculate and help you understand your business to the core level. It will provide more control and will help you manage things at a micro-level. 

Now when every good tool is presented before you, it’s time to analyze what exactly is required for your business.