Tips to Painless Work Travel


Traveling used to be an anxiety-driven nightmare that made us dread heading to the airport. Here, we’ve gathered up a few tips to make travel not only painless, but actually enjoyable. 

Choose and Reap the Rewards

First things first, travel smart. Shopping around for the best deals is one thing, but if you’re a frequent traveler, choose one company and stick with it. Pick one airline, hotel chain, rental car company, and sign up for the rewards programs. You won’t believe the perks a few points can rack up – from free stays at hotels to companion passes where the guest flies free. It’s worth it to join the loyalty program and let the points roll in.

Skip the Lines

Bypass the internal airport barricades by obtaining Clear or TSA Precheck. Both allow customers to skip to the front of security lines and save time at the airport. While Clear is easier to sign up for (you can do it right at the airport), it’s more expensive and not as full of security perks as Precheck. TSA precheck requires an offsite interview, but customers can skip to the front of the line, keep shoes on, and enjoy even more lenient rules for liquids.

Get the Gear

Little traveling luxuries can make or break a trip. Grab a set of noise-canceling headphones that go over the ears. They are super comfortable and block out even the noisiest of screaming babies. Purchase a cord organizer and keep spares in it at all times. It will guarantee you won’t forget an essential charger and it keeps it easily accessible while you travel. 

Smart Packing

If at all possible, limit bags for your work trips to carry-on only. You can save time at baggage claim and waiting for checked luggage if a flight gets changed at the last minute. Keeping your luggage with you can save precious time and keep frustrations to a minimum.


Before you travel for work, do a little research about the city. What is it known for? Should you check out a comedy show or live music? Is it known for first-rate pizza or top-notch barbecue? Take the time to learn about the best your host city has to offer and take advantage of it. 

Enjoy Yourself

Finally, enjoy yourself. If at all possible, plan your work trip around something that interests you like a festival or sporting event. Try foods you normally wouldn’t. At worst, your employer is paying for it and the bad meal isn’t coming out of your own pocket. Work travel can be a lot less stressful if you prepare yourself and just make the best of it.