Things to know about App SEO

app seo

Mobile devices represent the present as well as the future times. Mobile applications are changing the way we relate with websites and devices. They are not only altering the way we search, but they are also making our life easier and better. With mobile apps, we have the world in our hands and that too on the move. Now, most of the organizations use mobile-friendly apps and websites to gather more customers, for instance, So, let us look at some of the facts that you must know about Mobile App SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

app seo

  1. Rise of app search

With the growth of mobile devices, app search has also increased. Now, people tend to look for everything on their mobile devices, ranging from maps, email ids, cooking recipes, to information about companies. This makes it clear that mobile search is of utmost importance, especially in the present times. This is also highlighted by Google, as it continues to include mobile-friendliness as one of its ranking factors and shoves mobile-friendly brands into SERPs. Thus, the future of mobile search marketing is bright, with HTML web page optimization, responsive designs, UX optimization, knowledge graph, conversational search, and app SEO.

  1. Mobile app packs

With the rise of mobile search, mobile app search and packs are also on a rise. These app packs are triggered by mobile searches with an increase in mobile apps. Such search results are similar to local searches. Mobile search behavior dominates the consumer’s attention. And like the local searches, mobile app SEO restructures traditional search results, by combining app listings with regular results or by completely decreasing them. You can check this by searching on your Android or iOS device or on your computer through a user-agent switcher.

  1. Mobile application search result ranking

Mobile application search result ranking is a mixture of traditional SEO and App Store Optimization (ASO). Mobile SEO begins with having a proper ASO in place, as your web page characteristics depend on your mobile app listing. Those of you who don’t know about ASO or what it is all about, ASO is a method to optimize your app listing in the internal search of app store.

  1. App indexation

Mobile app indexation can drive your app engagement. App search indexation not only about increases installs through app search results, but it is also improves your mobile or desktop visibility in organic search results. This drives engagement with people who have installed your app.

Moreover, Google can use any kind of content from your app, displaying it directly in the organic search results. It means that when a consumer logs on to your website through organic search, Google directly opens your app. This takes the customers to their desired piece of information in the application, without opening your web page. Thus, app indexation can change technical SEO operations, by expanding SEO from webpage and server setup to optimization and setup of apps.

  1. App indexing API

App Indexing API is another method of deep link discovery that has various benefits. Some of the mobile apps incorporate Google’s App indexing API. When consumers perform different actions in apps, indexing API interacts with Google, which in turn informs Google about the things consumers view in apps. This drives engagement via auto completions in the Google Search query, hence giving access to inner pages of applications.