The Perfect Gift For Any Pebble Time Owner Is A Customized Wrap


The Perfect Gift For Any Pebble Time Owner Is A Customized Wrap

Find that perfect gift for that special someone can be a stressful and difficult process. You don’t want to make the mistake of getting them something they have no use for; but at the same time, you don’t want to give up and get them a generic gift card. You may also be bad at giving gifts. If you want to find something that they’ll actually use (and something that shows how thoughtful you can be), look no further than a Pebble Time watch.

The Pebble smartwatch is a great gift idea. It’s the only smartwatch that offers great battery life that can be counted in days and not just hours. It also has access to all of the latest apps, like fitness tracking and GoPro to name a couple. One of the unique features of the Pebble Time smartwatch is definitely the colour e-ink display,but adding some customization can make it even better and more personal. Why give someone a generic looking smartwatch when you can customize it to fit their style?

First you have the design aspect and improved aesthetics. There are thousands of the same Pebble Times sold, but you can make yours a gift that’s unique by using the awesome Pebble Time wrap creator on dbrand’s website. Here you can choose the design for the outer face, inner face and buttons separately. The Pebble Time wraps from dbrand come in a variety of designs, ranging from carbon fibre, brushed titanium, matte, leather, powder-coated true colour to wood. There’s something for everyone, so no matter whom that special someone is to you, you can find a wrap that works for them.

The second benefit of pebble time Wrap is definitely the protection. Cases can be awkward and add bulk to the smartwatch. This is why wraps are a great option. They do not add any additional weight to the device, nor do they make them harder to use. The quality is, of course, very important, especially if you plan on using this as a gift. The wraps are made from authentic 3M vinyl that provides superior protection (through a custom fit) from scratches, dents, and grime.

You can’t ignore a wrap with this kind of rap sheet. Superior fit, protection, and style will be the piece de resistance of your gift, ultimately impressing your special someone with your thoughtfulness. They don’t have to know that the wrap itself is only $5; the way it performs, it could be well over ten times the price.