Take Your Android to the Next Level with Solo Launcher


In the age of mobile devices, two operating systems reign supreme: iOS and Android. One distinctive feature that sets Android apart from its competitor is the plethora of downloadable (and often free) launcher apps. With so many launcher applications already available, from London to New York, figuring out the best one for your needs becomes a tedious chore. However, there is one launcher that stands out as an overall winner in value, simplicity, and unique features to Fueled, a London App Developer:  Solo Launcher.

Launchers are apps that allow Android users to customize their device, from the appearance of the home screen to the transition effects between navigations. Unlike an aftermarket firmware replacement, or ROM, launchers are not permanent. They pose no risk to your phone (more so than any other app), take up less space, and are within the device’s warranty.


There are two types of launchers: design and smart launchers. Design launchers focus on the physical aspects of the phone – from home screen background to how to click into an app. Smart launchers act as an intelligent organizational tool, presenting the user with the most used and relevant apps and features right on the home screen. This adapts over time to user preferences, and provides tools for managing apps and features.

Amongst the most popular design launcher apps, Solo Launcher has consistently ranked in the top of the pack since its release in 2014. By 2016, it achieved a 4.5 rating in the Google Play store from over 2.8 million people and boasts over 100 million users worldwide. Both Trusted Reviews and Android Authority, which lauded the app’s simplicity in usability and extensive customizable options, voted it among the best launcher apps in 2016.  It’s this bang for the buck that sets Solo Launcher apart, especially in that it offers similar design features – both in quantity and quality. On the other hand, its more expensive competitors (looking at you, Nova), are all free of charge.

Among its most distinctive features, Solo Launcher utilizes Material Designer 2.0, allowing for greater design options and the most up-to-date tools. Additionally, it includes Solo 2.0 Speed Booster, which makes the device faster, smoother, and frees up space. With the simplicity of a stock launcher option like Google Now and the extensive customizability of a paid launcher like Nova, Solo Launcher stands alone in its value, user experience, and excellence as a design launcher.