– Find And Check Emails For Better Email Campaigns

max is the latest challenger for the title of the perfect all-in-one email marketing platform: having recently added another major tool – Email Drip Campaigns – there’s now nothing stopping them on the way to become your marketing department’s favorite toolbox. But let’s take a closer look at the two tools that have initially put on every email marketer’s radar – their email address finder and email checker. Named Email Finder and Email Verifier, these two little tools are packing a punch. So let’s talk about some of the best features of these tools and how they can take your lead generation to the next level.

Email Finder

Every company thrives to make their processes easier for the consumers, no matter what the company is offering, be it a service or a product. Likewise, tends to do its best to make its users’ job easier.

Sometimes prospects are easy to find, and sometimes collecting a good prospect list is a chore. gives you multiple options to find your leads’ emails, making sure that no matter what way you like to generate leads, can deliver the results.

Their email address finder (aka Email Finder) can simplify the whole process.  Once you install the Email Finder Chrome extension, you will be able to use all the ways (more than half a dozen!!) can find email addresses. Their most popular email finder feature is Domain Search: simple put in the website you want to find the emails on and you will receive all the email addresses registered on this domain, plus all the information about the company.

Once’s email address finder finds all the emails on the domain, you’ll be able to pick and choose the ones you want to save to your prospect list. Additionally, there is also the option of bulk search of emails to make this process even easier.

Alternatively, you can do a professional social network search. This way, you won’t just collect your prospects’ basic info like name and email address, but also find detailed info on their job position, locality, company, and more. This can easily be done with the extension we mentioned before. You can collect emails from individual profiles or through the search results page (see the screenshot below).

Email Verifier

We all know that to keep the email deliverability, and, subsequently, every other email marketing KPI high, you always need to verify your emails. For this, you can use’s email checker. The email checker from is fast, easy-to-use, and produces amazing results. According to their latest research, with’s Email Verifier you can reach more than 98% in deliverability.

You can verify individual emails (as shown in the screenshot above) or verify lists, both small and big (even the ones exceeding 50,000 emails).  Both found and uploaded lists can be verified. Check individual emails using the button right next to the email address finder – Verify email. Write the email you want verified in the text space and then press “Verify emails”. first checks if the email falls under the proper standards of an email format. Emails that have forbidden symbols or misplaced characters are thrown out of the verified list. The next step is to verify the domain name and the associated email addresses. If the email belongs to any of the catch all-domains, then it is again excluded. The last step is to ping the server (SMTP) of the email address and the domain involved. This is done to verify the status of the email address and the validity of the said address. If the email is verified then it will be added on the prospect list with a date and a green colored dot in front of it indicating that it is valid. Furthermore, duplicates are removed before the addition, and temporary unavailability can also be detected. Using’s email checker is easy!

Why you should check out these tools right now

The amazing email checker and incredibly powerful email address finder are just two of the features than has to offer. Make sure you check the app and website to discover all the wonderful ways you can streamline your workflow, boost your sales, and automate your outreach saving thousands of dollars. Every marketer should register as soon as possible.