Selling Used or Broken Mobiles for Corporate Business – Know the Options


This is a true fact that today’s electronic gadgets will become obsolete within a short span of time, as new devices are being launched with upgraded features by different electronic companies every three to four months. The life span of electronic gadgets have become almost half of what they used to be even a few years back. Whether for personal use or for corporate use, mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. In fact, various types of phones are being used by corporate houses for their employees. In order to sell used or broken mobiles for corporate business, you have to know the places where they can be sold without really going through any kind of hassles.

What is the Concept of Corporate Phone Selling?

The corporate houses sometimes provide mobile phones or tablets to their employees to carry out various types of functions. After constant use for a certain time-period, these phones show signs of slowness because of too much usage of ram, or software updates that reduce inbuild memory of the devices. These problems can hamper corporate work. Sometimes during rush hours, these devices may fall out of hand due to a slight push or a bump and break. Therefore, these devices, either used or broken, need replacing. Selling corporate phones is a practice these days by corporate houses which earn money out of those. These phones are sold in large volumes to mobile buy back dealers or recycling centers for recycling. The staff, of course, gets new phones to work with.

Various Ways for Selling Corporate Mobile Phones

Following are the options for selling corporate phones:

  • Retail Buy-Back Programs: There are various electronic retailers, and online merchants which offer buy-back programs to their customers. Usually, the customers have to produce an upfront fee to enroll in the program that varies by device. After you sell the phones, you will receive either in-store credit or cash ranging between 10-50% of the original retail price. The actual amount will depend on the age and the condition of the item. Some people criticize these programs because they feel that they do not provide enough value to the customer. However, medium-sized houses can still benefit from these programs. This is particularly true for those businesses that depend on the latest technological advancement.
  • Online Auction and Classified Sites: Corporate phones are also sold in bulk on various retailing websites. You can enlist your old phones to be sold in bulk. You can enlist those products on local classifieds too. However, the phones must be in good condition to be able to be enlisted in those websites.
  • Companies Offering to Purchase Old Devices: If you do not wish to go through the difficult situation of enlisting products in auction sites or in classified sites, then you have to look for companies offering programs to buy used electronic gadgets. Even shipping the device or arranging a pickup could be messy at times. If you wish to avoid all these issues, you have to find out companies online who offer the corporate organizations to sell phones in bulk. These companies use these devices for the purpose of recycling. Some of these programs are independently focused too.
  • Lease and Upgrade: If you do not want to get into any of these, then leasing upgraded equipment can be helpful. This is a good option but in any case you will have to replace the old phones.

Whenever any corporate house is planning to sell the old mobile phones, they should take some measures to erase the data which consisted of important information from the company. Phones are generally equipped with wipe out options and any kind of sensitive data must be removed before selling the item. For erasing the data completely from the mobile phones, the companies must ensure that proper back up of all the sensitive data has been taken beforehand. The next step that should be taken is to erase the data completely through Factory Data Reset function. This erases everything from the mobile and brings the device back to the condition when it was first purchased from mobile companies.

Author Bio: Arpita Bose is a technological blogger who shares a lot of information about technology and mobile phone related news. Here she discusses about the different options that business organizations can choose from, when opting to sell corporate mobile phones in bulk.