Photo Editing With Pinnacle Studio Newest Software


What Is Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Software makes video editing a breeze, it is now powered with a new native 64-bit architecture that allows the user to create amazing movies using the support of 4k Ultra HD video.

Features include NewBlue bonus effects that have already been authored by Blu-ray;. Other features are iZotope Music, Scorefitter soundtracks as well as Speech Cleaner, and a support for XAVC S that can be applicable for 4k and HD. 

This video editing tool will allow the user to create around 2,000+ transitions, as well as templates and effects; they can also add soundtracks and are given the choice to be able to share them easily online through disc and other on devices.

As Amazon reviews show, users love this video editing tool because it allows them to drag and drop elements in order to make the creation of movie easy. It contains a storyboard that makes it easy to create a Storyboard plan; it can even be used by more experienced editors to make their editing even more precise.

Other Features

It contains a live screen capture, this means that users can record content from their screen and then include it in their footage moves, they can even easily add the voiceover while they are capturing.

It is user-friendly and very easy to understand. 

The video effects have also been added, there are 2D effects as well as 3D effects, and anyone can easily create a world class movie because of these tools. 

Other efficient tools including in the set-up of these video editing tool will include video and audio track for multi-layer editing as well as custom fit soundtracks that come with a Scorefitter. 

The creators of the video editing tool has also included other abilities, it has premium effects coming from NewBlue, which can easily take the videos into the next leve., it has over 700 presents and 55 plug ins, that will include motion blends, light blends, film effects, stabilizer, video essentials that make it easy for the user to swap certain colors in the scene and do some correct lens distortion.

In order to become of the best editing tools out in the market today, it also have bonus effects that make it easier for the user to understand how to use it, including that of adding translations. 

Users who want to remove noise and improve the audio can also find this tool useful. 

The iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner has made removing unwanted noise easier from both audio and video files; this means a crisp and clean sounding video.

System requirements will include an internet connection in order to make the Blu-ray function online as well as the cloud and online services to make storage easier and faster. It is also Windows 8 and Windows 7 compatible, the 64 bit OS is highly recommended to use. 

Accessories will include a DVD burner that can create DVD and AVCHD discs, as well as Blu-ray for burner in order to easily create Blu-ray discs. 

Pricing and Pinnacle Studio Promo Codes

Pinnacle studio 20.5 Ultimate costs $129.95 if purchased online, it has the same price if purchased in stores, for upgrades it will cost around $89.95. However, if you use a pinnacle studio promo code you will get a discount. Type the coupon ULTIMATESAVE20 at check-out to save 20% off. See more at