Safe Money with Refurbished MacBook


Apple MacBook is undeniably a highly popular notebook computer series and it is for a lot of reasons. MacBooks are powerful machine with visually attractive and ergonomic design.

Since the first model was launched up until today, many people have been using MacBook computers and they are highly satisfied with the performance and user’s experience MacBooks can deliver.

You could be one who have been using and pretty much highly relied on MacBook computer. But there’s always limitation to technology product and old MacBook models may no longer suitable to meet the present and future demands of your activities. That’s the time when you need to consider buying new MacBook computers.

Buying MacBook computer is a good investment. You already prove it with your old MacBook. The latest model of MacBook offers even more powerful specs and features, and it would be great machine to support your works.

But there’s one issue and yes, that is the high price. New MacBook models are very expensive, and most people would find it hard to afford. When your budget is too tight, you may need to consider the next best solution and that is getting a refurbished MacBook.

Apple Refurbished Stores offer refurbished Apple products including refurbished MacBooks. Third party retailers, such as, are also good places to find refurbished MacBooks to buy.

What is Refurbished MacBook?

When it comes to refurbished products, most of us would think about broken or old products repaired by replacing the broken parts to bring back its functionality.

Many would hesitate that refurbished products are way less in quality compared with brand new products. How about refurbished MacBooks? Is it safe and is it worth to buy?

Let us learn what refurbished MacBook really is. Apple, like any other consumer electronic brands, has 14-days return policy. Customers can return Apple products, including MacBooks, they bought within 14 days for reasons like faulty products or simply don’t think the product suitable for them.

Pre-owned MacBooks returned by customers will be sent to the factory, where faulty products will be repaired, and the parts replaced, and fully tested to make it has the same qualities as brand-new unit. The unit will be packaged and sold as refurbished MacBook with significant price cut compared to the brand-new units.

Is Refurbished MacBook Unit Safe to Buy?

First thing to point out is the only source for refurbished MacBooks, or any other Apple refurbished products, is the units returned by customers under the 14-days return policy. So, the units are new ones, not old and damaged units come from elsewhere. Although some of the units are faulty ones, it is fair to day that those units are pretty much new ones.

Apple refurbishment procedures are so advanced. Each returned product is thoroughly dissembled, cleaned, inspected, and all parts are tested to check the condition and functionality.

Any defective part will be replaced with new ones and all functioned will be checked with the same testing procedures of brand-new unit. The refurbished unit will get new outer cell and battery and installed with the latest version software. It is including the unit getting new serial number. After passing quality assurance certification, the refurbished unit is repackaged and send to retail stores to be remarketed.

With the same certification process, refurbished MacBook units are guaranteed to have the same performance and qualities as brand-new unit. However, the refurbished units won’t be marketed as new units. Apple makes sure customers get clear information that the unit is a refurbished one. It has plain packaging to differentiate it with new units.

How Much Can You Safe with Refurbished MacBook?

The main attractive thing about refurbished MacBook is undeniably its lower price compared to the brand-new unit from the exact same model.

The refurbished units are typically 10-20% lower compared to original price of the new unit from the exact same model. With the premium price of latest MacBook models, the price different can be quite significant.

The price difference can be even more significant when buy refurbished MacBook unit from third party retailers like, especially during events like Boxing Day or Black Friday Sales. But since the refurbished MacBook comes from returned units, there stock of the exact model you want may not always available.