Review of Coupons, Green Energy, and Domain Name Extensions


Review of Coupons, Green Energy, and Domain Name Extensions

Launched in 2000, is one of the global leaders in domain registration and web hosting solutions industry.

The company is appears to be devoted to offering innovative and affordable webhosting solutions. Without going into great detail, products range from domain name registration (including premium domain name registration) to Linux hosting, Windows hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated server hosting, as well as website builders, SSL certificates and online marketing solutions.

In this article I will describe how users can benefit from discount coupons, their eco-friendly policy and the variety of domain name extensions available in their site,

  1. Coupons

I subscribed to the “Basic” Linux hosting plans which at the time of my purchase was $3.75 per month. I must say, I was suitably impressed by the high level of customer experience in their website.

After adding the product to the cart, I found coupon code “SUPERHOST” and obtained an amazing 20% discount off the entire amount.

This definitely attests to this firm’s dedication to offer affordable web hosting plans to new webmasters without compromising on quality.

The benefit of coupons are two-fold. Of course, coupons save money which promotes customer loyalty. However, I suspect the main reason have such as strong coupon marketing policy is to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in various locations or through various advertising channels. Whatever the reason, the end user is the receiver of the benefit.

  1. Green Policy

Typically, almost all the energy utilized in an ordinary data center is derived from fossil fuel energy generators that produce excessive carbon dioxide and other pollutants. However, has made a commitment to rely on alternative, renewable energy sources like wind or solar power.’s sustainability plan encompasses a number of resolutions. To begin with, the company purchases renewable energy credits for wind power. This power is equivalent to 150% of that which is needed to run their web hosting servers. It also upgrades to more energy-efficient servers on a regular basis to minimize its power consumption. sustainability plan claims that they are making an effort to offset their workers’ transportation footprint by planting trees via the “tree for the future” program.

The company also plants a tree for each new web hosting client it receives.

  1. Available domain name extensions

There is a plethora of products you will find at, but the most common one is domain registration. gives you a big choice of domain name extensions.

Most online ventures start with the registration of a domain name. At, they make it simple and cost effective to get the domain you want. You can pick from a selection of domain extensions such as .com, .co, .net, .asia, .biz, .mobi, .org, .us, .tv, .me, .ca, .tel, .info .es has adopted a smart marketing approach in the webhosting industry. Not only do they appeal to low budget requirements with their monthly promotional codes, they also promote themselves as an eco-friendly webhosting provider, which is really the “in” thing today.