Relation between Google Plus and SEO


Social media is becoming very popular these days and websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn are in some of the most popular social media websites. Every social media website have different role which can help you in social networking, barding & traffic generation for your website. Yes, these social media sites can also help you in seo. Here we are going to talk about “Google Plus”


Google Plus and SEO


How Google Plus helps in SEO?

If you are not using Google plus then you might be missing some targeted traffic and business opportunities. As you know Google loves good content & Google Plus helps Google to identify it with the help of plus +1 button. As many as +1 you have for your web pages its higher chances for your website to improve raking in search engines for your keywords.

There is so much difference between 2 years old Google algorithms & today’s Algorithms. Google is doing almost all possible activity to show you most relevant results for your search term. Google is going more personalized these days. If some of your friends +1 for any content they like then its higher chance you will see that content/page on top in your searches for the similar topics or business.

Eg. Suppose you are running a local institute & you got +1 on your website from some of your students. Its higher chances for your page to come up on top results if their friends will search for institute or similar subjects you teach.



Link your Google+ page to your site. Get more recommendations for your site in Google search and grow your audience on Google+. You can create Google plus badge to create a badge to promote your public profile or to promote your Google plus page.


How to get maximum +1 for your pages

1. As a small business owner you must ask your clients to give plus +1 to your website if they like your services.
2. Keep adding good content on your website & don’t forget to share it within your network to get maximum votes.
3. Keep adding same niche, nearest location based new people in your circle so that once you share new content they must read & give you recommendations.


Google plus webmaster Report

You can easily track +1 performance report in Google webmaster account. It gives you clear idea about search impact, activity & audience.

1. Search impact gives you clear idea about CTR, clicks & impressions you have received for your web pages with or without +1
2. In activity section you can track performance of +1 you have received for your web pages.
3. Audience section gives you clear idea about users have +1’d a page on your site
With these stats you can easily track performance of your website in terms of traffic you are receiving from Google plus.

Google Plus works really well and Google has really given a big advantage to their Plus button when it comes to search engine ranking factors.