Pros and Cons of Using Website Templates


When it comes to creating a website for your business, you want it done right and you want it to look good. Websites are important for informing your clientele of your business, location, and services. Without a website, many people won’t know you exist. However, websites are time-consuming to make and you may need an expert’s help in designing a site to your exact specifications. Many people opt to create a website themselves, but the DIY method comes with disadvantages.


  • Unoriginal

Chances are if you are using a website template, someone else is too–maybe even your competition. Though there are thousands of online templates to choose from, they are not always functional or easy to manipulate.

  • Time

With the vast amount of template options to scour through, it can be time-consuming to simply find a template you like. You’ll spend even more time figuring out how to use and edit the site. There is a learning curve to most website templates and with numerous details to perfect, it’ll take a while to get right.

  • Support

While this isn’t true for every website template company, many template creators fail to communicate with users and answer questions about the template during the creation process. Later, if your site breaks, it can be difficult to find a web company to help you since they didn’t have a part in the design.

While there are downsides to using website templates, there are also benefits.


  • Choices

Even if someone else is using the same template as you, there are steps you can take to differentiate your site from theirs. Templates allow you to change colors, fonts, images, and text while hiding design elements you don’t want or need.

  • Personal Management

Using a template allows you to make the changes you want when you want them. You can add, edit, and delete content on each page, including pictures, when it’s convenient for you. Managing your website provides security and ownership.

  • Affordable

Affordable website templates are perhaps the most appealing aspect of using a template. The site you use to find a template will determine the price, though most website creators require a subscription payment or unexpected plug-in costs.

  • Quick Publishing

Publishing your site when using a template is a quick process. Since you aren’t communicating back and forth with a designer, you can decide when your site is ready and when you want to publish it. This can take a matter of days.

There are pros and cons to the template method of website design, however, some companies have simplified the process. Instead of searching through thousands of decent templates, many companies feature a select number of high-end templates to customize. Companies will even offer customer support and train business owners on how to manage their site and deal with changes.

Whether you pay a web designer to create your site or you decide to use a template, there will be pros and cons. However, with some research, you can find a template or web service that can help you publish a site customers will visit.