15 Firefox Add-ons Every Blogger Should Have!


Mozilla Firefox 4.0 released on 22nd of March 2011, and it has been downloaded numerous times so far. Its support for Java Script and HTML5 makes it world’s most downloadable and popular browser.


Add- ons are the backbone of Firefox, and not only do they improve the efficiency of the browser itself, but they furthermore make the workflow easier and quicker for every single user. Blogging has become one of the most popular online businesses during the past few years , and with the release of Firefox most bloggers are using it as their browser of choice along with its many features, and add-ons such as the ones we here at Bloggers Path have assembled for your daily Blogging Needs . We hope they will serve your purposes and live up to your blogging induced task and workflow.

1. Read it Later

This useful add-on assists users to build a reading list and allows the pages to be saved for further reading. Read it Later provides the option of offline mode reading , it provides user synchronization to ones’s computer, phone, android and iphone whether they are at home or in the office. Users can save bookmarks and information between them with the help of Read it Later. Read it later has awesome functionality it removes all annoying ads, layouts and represents content within a nice defined manner to the user.
Read it Later

2. Google Shortcuts

Google shortcuts is a unique and one of the most downloaded add-ons which provides every single Google service to a user such as (mailbox, G reader, G map, dashboard, calendar etc) , with just a single mouse click. Google shortcut doesn’t take up space in the browser, it positions itself either near the address bar or as drop down menu, which also allows a user to change its settings according to their comfort.
Google Shortcuts

3. CopyShort Url

Copy short url is vital add-on for bloggers, while promoting the articles, short urls plays an important role. Small url doesn’t annoy the users while promoting, now users don’t need to go to tinyurl.com or bit.ly etc. Copyshort url provides users great facility to make their urls shorten by just clicking the right button of the mice and let it copy to clip board and paste it again in new tab.

copy ShortUrl

4. Awesome Screenshot

Not only bloggers but general users sometimes need images for their records, information and articles. Awesome screenshot add-on has a facility to capture whole page and the specific portion according to the user needs. It gives the picture in JPG, and PNG format.

Awesome Screenshot

5. Web Rank Toolbar

Important information for blogger is the page rank and the back links from Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. web Rank toolbar features the current status of the sites. This add-on shows the Google page rank, Alexa rank, pages indexed in Google, yahoo and bing. It also included who. is button to look up the status of the sites.
webrank toolbar

6. Add This +

‘Add This’ add–on provides a toolbar which enables users to share their articles, blogs, news, videos etc on every social bookmarking site like digg, reddit, delicious and many more. This add-on enables users to customize the tool bar for social bookmarking.
Add this

7. Last Password

Last password is form filler and manages passwords and provides more security for user’s websites and passwords.
Last Pass

8. Fox Tab

Fox tab add- on is very useful when a user have several tabs opened it enables user to quickly switch btw opened tabs. Fox tab gives users 3d view of their recently opened sites and the current sites which are opened at the moment. Users can manage their favorite sites in different 3d views so they can reach to the appropriate site by a single click of mouse.
Fox Tab

9. Ad block plus

Ad block curtails the advertisements, banners and popup windows and let the user to surf the internet with ease. It supports over 40 filters and many languages so that users can easily customize ad blocks according to their needs.
Adblock plus

10. Lazarus Form Recovery

This add-on is very useful while you are filling up a file and you lost the date due to the bad internet connection or server time out, it automatically saves the personal information data in a file and users can restore their data after crash by just the right click (“recover from”) of the mouse.
Form Recovery

11. Yahoo Mail Watcher

There is an add-on for Google services which provides mail service, calendar, g reader and many more but this add- on aware the users with new yahoo mail in users status bar. It doesn’t store the sensitive data of the users and let them know about the new yahoo mails in the inbox.
Yahoo Mail

12. Fire.fm

Fire. Fm enables users to directly access the vast library at the fire.fm music station, users can find their favorite artist, genre by typing few words. This add-on makes users to relax a bit when they get tired or fed up after writing articles and blogs.

13. Cool Preview

Cool preview add-on gives the preview of the WebPages, and images without leaving the current page. Users need to mouseover on a particular link in order to see the preview of the webpage, cool preview spares the time of the users and let them preview the websites without going on that particular page.

14. Fire Bug

Fire Bug is an essential add-on for bloggers, developers which enables users to monitor, edit and debug CSS, HTML, Java Script live in any webpage, users can experiment with CSS, HTML and Java Script in order to change some basic designs of the webpage at run time.
Fire Bug

15. New Tweets

What your followers are doing, what are they twitting at the moment, New Tweet add-on tells users about the unread tweets with a small favicon on the twitter page.