Internet Tycoons! The Most Famous People On Internet


Famous people on internet is a healthy topic of debate. Some people are born to reign the world either with the sword or with their mind. In present era, following personalities not only dominate the internet but prove themselves worthy for the millions of web users. These are the experts of their field and do some extraordinary work for dominating the internet. Following list ranked some extraordinary people for making internet entertaining, worthy, popular and money raising. These people are the part of the list containing the most famous people on the internet or the most strongest people on the internet. Some personalities might not be the part of this list, but there are many to list, author is solely responsible for choosing famous people on internet as per his interest basis.


1.Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Recently, Time chose Mark Zuckerberg the person of the year – One more achievement for the youngest billionaire. Forbes ranks this man at #40 in the powerful people category, at #212 in World’s Billionaires category, but here he is getting #1 spot. He is the founder and CEO of the 2nd most visited website named Facebook(#1 is Google). He runs the network of 600 millions people, manages their birth, death, wishes, dates, breakups etc. so effectively that people love to surf his site. He pays salary to 1700 people for working with him. His company values at $23 Billion(Illiquid private shares in secondary markets point higher). Users around the world spend their 700 billion minutes per month on his site. He is listing at #35 in Forbes most richest person of the world list with having total personal worth of $6.9 Billions this year.

Mark Zuckerberg


2.Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt (Google)

Sergey Brin, with net worth of $15 billions listing at the #11 in Forbes richest persons. He is the co-founder of Google Inc. with Larry Page. He received $1 salary and $1,660 Bonus in year of 2009. Larry Page, Co founder of Google Inc. worths #15 Billions sharing the 11th spot in Forbes richest people list with his partner Sergey Brin. He received total Compensation of $1,729 with salary of $1 in year 2009. Eric Schmidt, an Electrical Engineer and the Current CEO of Google Inc. grab the spot of #48 in Forbes richest people list. His net worth is $5.45 Billions. He has been the member of board of director in Apple Inc. He received $243,661 in 2009 for Compensation with the base salary of $1. There is no doubt that Google is the most powerful invention for the web. Apart from being the search engine king they also own the biggest ad network in form on Adwords. The combined wealth of all three tycoons is approx $40 Billions and to add to that they are responsible for running the world’s most visited search engine Google. Google Inc. has its 604 Million visitors and 21,805 Employees to serve its services to the world. We are giving them the #2 spot in this list.

Google Founders


3.Matt Mullenweg (WordPress)

Mullenweg was only 19 years old when he started development of the most popular blog engine WordPress. Thanks to his creation that blogging got a new dimension from just being a sub-domain of etc. In year 2005, stopped being invite-only and opened up to the world. In 2007 he was ranked #15 by the PC World in the category of ‘50 Most Important People on the Web‘ and he was the youngest in that list. His net worth calculated in 2010 is $40 Millions. Matt has made it easier for all of us to publish our thoughts online and his easy to use platform ‘WordPress‘ has been the power behind many start-up companies in recent years. We are listing him at #3 for his creative contribution to internet.

Matt Mullenweg


4.Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)

This man gave us a very unique website named Wikepedia – the online encyclopedia. He is the co founder and the promoter of Wikipedia. This invention made him enlisted in the list of few self made billionaires in recent years. His net worth calculated $25 Millions USD in year 2010. For helping people to find out any information related to anything, we give him the 4th spot in this ‘Internet Tycoons‘ list.

Jimmy Wales


5.Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post)

She is best known as co-founder of the news website The Huffington Post. The author of 13 books, Huffington is a nationally syndicated columnist, commentator, public radio co-host on Left, Right & Center, and mother of two teenage daughters. Her worth is calculated $35 Millions USD in year 2010. She has been faced many failures in her career despite her 1st book success. She must be an icon for the ladies around the world. We list her at #6.

Arianna Huffington


6.Craig Newmark (

This man provided a whole new dimension to the Internet Advertising World. His Well Known Creation named Craiglist – A website that provides free online classified advertisement listing of products, services, jobs and discussion Forums around the world. Started in 1995 the site has made innumerable rounds in news this year with its gaining popularity. Now with over 20 billions page views per month the site has successfully made its place in the top 50 websites on the World Wide Web, currently ranked at #36. For this he is able to secure #6 spot in this list.

Craig Newmark


7.Kevin Rose (Digg)

In 2004 – Rose, Owen Byrne, Ron Gorodetzky, and Jay Adelson formed Digg, a technology news website. The website was publicly launched on December 5, 2004. In september 2010 Rose was replaced by Matt Williams as CEO of the In year 2007, he launched a micro-blogging site named Pownce, but closed it within a year. Kevin Rose runs his own blog too. Today, Digg plays major role to promote the blogs as well as the other websites.

Kevin Rose


8.Michael Arrington (Techcrunch)

He is the founder of Techcrunch, who was selected as one of the most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine. Techcrunch which started as a blog has now become a web publication for technology news. He also made an online payment company called Achex, which was later sold to First data corp. for $32 millions. His worth was calculated $2 Millions in the year of 2010.

Michael Arrington