How to Make your Company Brochure Standout


Your Company’s first hello to the world around, it is that tangible document which tells your story, explains your company’s vision, and highlights your capabilities to the world. Brochures are affordable way of communication with selected audiences when compared to other publicity methods and because everyone including your competition has one, yours has to be the best and competitively more impressive. Let’s see how to make your company brochure standout.


How to Make your Company Brochure Standout



Take some time extra while designing the cover. Use attention seeking graphics or images on the cover. Prefer high quality and optimistic image as compared to several small images. Your images should be at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) to print clearly and sharply. The main message on cover should be smart and crisp and above all positive. Highlight what you want the reader to remember. Cover should always be image intensive with minimum text.


Color and shape

Visually color and shape of your brochure will help you to grab first attention. So pick the colors sensibly. If your purpose can afford bright colors then go for bold reds and bright blues but avoid neon colors. Make sure your colors should not hinder the readability of the text. Avoid black and white brochures as they may look bit flat and unattractive. You can be little innovative when talking about shape, like if you are creating a brochure for a road show of a car manufacturing company then you can opt for a car or key shape brochure. Custom-cut brochures will definitely help your brochure to stand out in a pile of similar shaped brochures.



It is the writing skill which will fill a blank page with life. The information you provide inside the brochure should be simple, crisp and clear. Moreover, here you need to cut some of your darlings; showcase only your top 3-4 product or services. Your main points should be covered by headings and subheadings. As people generally are not interested in reading paragraphs, keep text minimum and bulleted, which will portray your greatness in a glance. Body text is usually in a serif font because serifs are easier to read at a smaller size. Make your headings stand out too. Always stress a benefit over a feature. And above all, sell yourself with a positive note; reader should feel happy and positive after reading your brochure. Use photos and graphics to break up paragraphs. These items will keep up the readers’ interest.


Paper and Fold

Paper selection is also important. There is eco-friendly and textured papers available, which can make your brochure, look different from others. It will also help you to gain a reputation of a responsible company which cares about others. But yes if glossy or matte is most suitable choices for you even then you can stand out with colours and textures. Think out of the box when deciding about the folds. Most brochures come in bi-fold (2 panels) or tri-fold (6 panels). But you can try z-fold, accordion fold, gate fold, etc. so that when your flaps open up you have a much larger space for text and images for better impact.



Business is all about money, people will be less likely to throw the brochure away if some money is attached to it. Attaching coupons can be one such option, which along with brochure if saved will help in saving some money in future.


Contact Information

Provide your contact information with your logo at the most readable and suitable place (generally back side). You may have the most attractive brochure but if readers don’t find it easy to contact you, there is no use of standing out of the crowd. As the brochure will do speaking for you, always include your address, phone number, Web site and e-mail address so readers can easily reach you. You can also attach a business card with your brochure.

Optimism sells! But print some brochures and do some rack testing before you go on printing more. It is your first impression, which you will never prefer to be a bad one. Most importantly, stick to your purpose and don’t make your brochure stand out for all wrong reasons! Sometimes you need brochures very urgent for presentations or fairs, don’t forget to contact companies that claims 48 hour print for fast delivery.